On Today’s Menu: October 19, 2013

Today went quite well. I mean, if we ignore the part where I had a small heart attack because I got to Kensington and thought I lost my debit card. Holy cow I almost flipped out right in the middle of the station. But I found it. It fell behind my license. The Halloween parade was today in Little Five Points. I brought my black cat ears to get in the spirit of the day. I thought I looked quite cute today. Even used my iridescent eye glitter. We were expecting craziness because apparently fewer people knew about the parade than I thought. Suddenly we were getting lots of calls about where to park and how soon to arrive and could they even park. Valentine got the calls. She was doing day box. I could’ve done it. She asked me. But I was already doing matinee box. Oh well. I worked plenty this week. And I start my next job Tuesday!

Anyway, box went really smoothly. Yay! I am a master of Tessitura! I thought I would need a stress cookie, but I wasn’t as stressed. I think I ate the cookie in a more celebratory fashion…or just because I was expecting it already. Curse my love of chocolate. This has been quite the year for clean eating. I just have not reached whatever level of maturity I need to be consistently consistent with my health. Maybe I’ll figure it all out by my second year. For now, I’m still so very attached to my old ways. It’s also hard when your support system is lacking overall. How can you commit to something when people look at you like you’re crazy or like you’re burdening them with your personal choice? Not easily.

I went to the farmers market after work. I bought less than I usually buy and somehow it was still the same-ish price as a usual monthly haul. That put me in a bad mood. Good thing I bought cider. I got gas (that went up to $3.29 without my noticing til I already paid!), then I went home and ordered my celebratory Chinese food to celebrate surviving a long week of Day Box and my hard fought decisions on how to spend some extra cash that found its way to me. I enjoyed my cider while watching hockey. I’m so glad it’s hockey season again.


…ahem. So the Devils finally won! Yippee!! And Parise missed his SO goal and Minnesota lost! Yay!! And I got to enjoy my cider than tastes like Thanksgiving in a bottle!

Today was kind to me overall. I’m over the sad feelings and embracing the happy cider feeling that will quickly lead to bed time.


  • BRUNCH: 3 sliders, roasted sweet potatoes
  • SNACK: Cookie
  • DINNER: Pepper steak and onions, chicken fried rice, eggroll

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