On Today’s Menu: October 20, 2013

Three and a half hours.

That’s how much sleep I lost to heartburn.

Three and a half hours of burning, cramping agony.

But I got to watch some season/near season ending episodes of some animes on Toonami and some burlesque videos on youtube to inspire me. That almost made the hideous pain go away. I have some fun ideas rolling around in my head. Hopefully keeping the cost down too. I saw a Cthulu striptease!! Anyway, the cup of baking soda water didn’t help. I should’ve had more, but it was unpleasant to try to drink. Guess that’s my fault. Maybe it could’ve worked. Let’s hope I don’t need to test it again.

Despite a light head, work went surprisingly well. I may be a master of door sales at Horizon. Booyah! Also didn’t eat a cookie. Yup. I still think that’s a pretty big accomplishment. I transferred money from my PayPal account to my bank account too! Yay!! Almost cancels out my grocery trip. Thank you, grandma! Got home and chillaxed until The Walking Dead came on. I rewatched last week’s episode and then used the Story Sync website while watching the new episode.


I hate that I love this show so much!! Theories and feelings!

Then I got to Skype the boyfriend. Nothing beats that. Even if we spend half the time watching TV or or playing separate games, it’s still the highlight of my day. Yup. That’s how good we are. Making long distance work one day at a time.

I may or may not be a wee bit homesick. Tomorrow I’ll clean and cook to get my mind away from that.


  • BRUNCH: Boneless spare ribs, chicken fried rice, egg drop soup
  • DINNER: *Same minus soup

Seriously, I had no time for cooking and I had no food until yesterday. So should I have avoided the rice? Yes. Am I going to beat myself up over still figuring out my meal plan idea and making sure I don’t feel hungry in the mean time? No sir.


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