On Today’s Menu: October 21, 2013

I enjoy well deserved days off.

Got to skype with my mom bright and early. Yay! I wish she hadn’t informed me about the Susan G. Komen lawsuits. That really ticked me off. Like I felt so much hatred for the human race, more than usual. The foundation sued smaller non-profit organizations raising money for cancer research because they used the color pink or had “for the cure” in their titles. Are you seriously sh**ing me, bro? It kinda makes me want to wish some awful, carcinogenic horrors on those people.

Anyway, I was multi-tasking while chatting with mama. While we chatted, I had dishes going. Then when we were done, I got to more dishes while simultaneously doing laundry! All the hot water today! …wait, that’s not a good thing. But it has to get done eventually. Nice clean sheets and clothes. Feels good! Fingers crossed that this second job will make me more willing to use my dishwasher. I don’t mind doing dishes by hand…every now and then. The novelty sort of wore off though. It’s worse when the dishwasher doesn’t want to cooperate. Bah. But today it worked. Yay!

I also cooked. Mashed potatoes, sausage, and baked chicken. Yeah, it’s not much, but I got enough done. I really wanted to just relax for a day. That’s a lot for a day of relaxing. In between cooking and cleaning was plotting and choreographing! I added some notes to my NaNoWriMo story that were scattered thoughts in my notebook. I also got through choreographing my whole act! I just need to fill in the dance gaps, but I’ve marked where all the pulls can go. Yeeeeaaaaaahhhhh!!! So excited for Thursday! So excited for January!

Just a thought I had the other day: a girl I went to college with does pole dancing now. She did a benefit performance and it was absolutely stunning! Beautiful music and choreography. Now tell me why that’s totally okay (again, it was beautiful!) but burlesque seems to be something that needs to be kept in the dark? Is it because the women take their clothing off? Is the artistry nothing to take into consideration? Is the history of burlesque forgotten as the parody of the upper crust that it is? That was the most interesting thing I took away from the history class. Burlesque is a parody. So you get a little history lesson with each performance.

Plus, it’s sexy. 😀 And empowering. And the performers are pretty nice too.

Art wins again.

I start my new job tomorrow!


  • LUNCH: Beef sausage, two fried eggs
  • DINNER: Baked chicken, mashed sweets

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