On Today’s Menu: October 22, 2013

I need to stop letting things get me down, man. For real.

I am about to tell you what happened to me today, and doubtless it will be along the format of: Something good –> SOMETHING BAAAAD. Something good. –> MY LIFE SUUUUUUCKS!

So let me nip that in the bud and tell you abut my day with as much positivity as I can muster.

I woke up about an hour early for my alarm so I went back to sleep and then woke up to the alarm. Gosh it’s dark at 6:15am. I showered, dressed, dolled up, and found about 20 minutes to shovel food down my throat. I was still rushing a bit to get up Memorial Drive to catch the 7:39 train. Stupid traffic lights! I’m not a damn puppy! But I made it with a couple of minutes to spare. It was drizzling so I was a little behind because I almost left without my umbrella. But I had it. Didn’t need it later on, but I had it just in case. I’ve learned much from you, Atlanta.

My first day on the new job. I’m so glad Becca told me I didn’t need to take the bus. It’s a nice ten minute walk to the Center for Puppetry Arts from Arts Center station. That’ll be enjoyable so long as it doesn’t get frigid like NJ can. I arrived and met Brittany while she was coming in because I was half an hour early and waiting til about 20 til before trying the doors. So we hung out til Carol arrived and then she set me to work…I wish. No, she had me spend three and a half hours on a Tessitura tutorial. I’ve been using Tess for four and a half months. I think I can use it just fine. But it’s true the Center has different protocol and whatnot. Refunds and how to exchange tickets and actual price types for different price zones. But if that’s the only difference, I feel like I wasted a lot of time. And then I thought I finished, but I still have one other section that I have to finish tomorrow. It’s a short section so she said to arrive at 10 instead of 9. Boo. And that’s probably all I’ll be doing tomorrow so I’ll be out of there by like 11:30. More boo. I definitely won’t be making the money I thought I would be.

…let’s match that paragraph with a positive. Um…everyone at the Center is really nice. I think I’ll enjoy working with them. Carol remembered that education is my area of concentration more than being a box office attendant. I also didn’t wait long for my trains home. I had a pumpkin PaleoKrunch bar to tide me over so the ground beef could reach room temperature and I could make burgers and meatballs. But I think the guys at the farmers markets didn’t give me properly weighed bags of meat. The total weight at first was almost 6 1/2 pounds! Don’t add half a pound if I didn’t ask for it! I’m on a budget dude! So I just made 8 burgers. Used the oven this time so I could multi-task. Mmmmm…they came out really good. And with a side of sauteed broccoli and mashed sweets? Devine!

Then I went and pissed myself off watching the news. Seriously though. If you agree with the Affordable Care Act, you’re a fool. There. I said. Hate me. I just can’t care about that from someone who won’t believe the facts sitting right in their faces. Young people pay more for something that has now become MANDATORY so that older people and poorer people can pay less. We are subsidizing other people’s healthcare at the cost of our paychecks which WE ALSO NEED. No, I don’t hate old people. No I don’t hate poor people. I hate thieves and people who think they’re entitled to MY MONEY. I EARNED IT. I’m sorry you’re in a bad position. I’m not in a great position either. I’d be happy to help if welfare programs weren’t already stealing more of MY MONEY THAT I EARNED. I can’t afford to help you as much as I would love to.

At the heart of the matter, NO ONE has the right to FORCE ME to do ANYTHING if I DON’T want to and I’m NOT hurting anyone. Oh my god!

So that put me in a bit of a crappy mood. That along with other things weighing heavily on my mind. Watching Property Virgins and seeing a STUNNING home south of Atlanta for $119,000 was an odd combination of helpful and hurtful. That and I’m going to be emotional this week as that time of the month draws near. Sorry if I hurt anyone’s feelings. I really am. I’m just so frustrated. I’m so frustrated that I convinced myself to spend more money at Dollar General (although I do need more laundry detergent) so I could also grab two bags of assorted chocolate cups and bars with my rebate card. Yeah. Addict. It conflicts with wanting to have personal integrity.

Positives. Positives…

…Oh! Hockey is on tonight! Score Mobile and the boyfriend keep me updated on the Devils game while NHL Network lets me see the rest. Yay! And I get an hour extra sleep because I have to be at work an hour later. Thanks positives!


  • BREAKFAST: Baked chicken, mashed sweet potatoes
  • SNACK: PaleoKrunch bar
  • DINNER: Burgers, mashed sweets, sauteed brccoli
  • SNACK: Assorted chocolates

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