On Today’s Menu: October 25, 2013

Having work in the morning makes posting really difficult when I have work at night as well. The life of the two-job citizen.

Yesterday I even took notes about the day so I could write out about my day. I had baked chicken, broccoli, mashed sweets, and I think I had the same thing but with burgers for dinner. And I had M&Ms. I feel like I should forgive myself as doom week approaches.

Work at the Center for Puppetry Arts is going well except my supervisor seems afraid to let me answer the phones despite my knowledge of Tessitura. And burlesque class was FABULOUS! I was a little disappointed at first that we weren’t dancing since I was freaking out to get my music on a USB, but our discussion was so interesting and the information was exactly what we all needed to know. I’m all the more excited for January!!

Before class I was going to meet a friend, but she got held up by rude parents who love as much time away from their kids as possible I’m sure. I sat at Waffle House for a few hours since I got to Atlanta really early and didn’t really have where to be. Thought I might at least hang out with Bubble before we shlepped over to the studio. I didn’t want to walk that road in the dark again. No sir! I plotted some more for NaNoWriMo which is SO SOON! And I got to witness some more glorious ignorance as a cop help up traffic to let his thug brigade run a light with no real hurry. One server mentioned that they do that a lot for no good reason. The other server swore she was making it up. ::sigh::

Mind you I was already pissed because I picked up my paycheck that was significantly less than I thought/hoped it would be. Now my October budget is effed up the butt. I couldn’t contain myself and raved on Facebook. Led to some discussion, which is always fine by me. I don’t think there are winners and losers in discussions. I do believe my point was never properly invalidated and thus was correct in this matter.

Anyway, on to today’s menu.

Another quick breakfast, but I got to sleep half an hour later since I didn’t need to be at the Center to NOT answer phones until 9:30 rather than 9! She had me at the window to hand out printed will call tickets because Anthony had to stay at home and wait for the furnace guy to show. Thing is, I still didn’t really do that. Well I did a little. And then I took a faux quiz on some ticketing order I might encounter…as opposed to taking or shadowing someone taking actual ticketing orders we do encounter.I won’t question my supervisor. She is very sweet and I love my co-workers. I’m thankful for the job in any capacity.

Poor Rykie was sick today and asked if I could do Day Box. I didn’t think I could because I had work til 1, but she said it would be okay to arrive a little late. Well I ended up leaving the center early anyhow, so I managed to get to Horizon around 1:30 rather than like 1:5. Yay! Double shift! Go go!

Thing was I was starting to get hungry, but not a lot of places wanted to use my rebate card. Then I found a little convenient store that did. Then I realized I’m not actually saving money by using the rebate card. It’s still money I count towards my budget and when it is spent, that money is used. I just wish I could use it on not-crap, but Sevananda wouldn’t take it. Harumph. Then with my life being as it is, I got back and Kate mentioned the extra groceries from Third Country were up for grabs. So I didn’t need to buy anything. Yup. That’s my life for you. I nabbed a bunch of things — none of it clean eating friendly, but priorities say “Hey! You made it to 22 eating GMO crap. What’s another couple of months of sporadic GMO crap? You’re budgeting now like a big girl.”

So that’s why I came home with two full bags of canned stuff and snickity snacks. Yay theatre! Dionysus is watching over me in my times of need. And a nice lady on the train offered me a bag because the plastic bag I was carrying broke. Thank you so much, nice lady who probably thought I was a teen mother. Oh man, I had such anxiety over judgement on that train. I know my own circumstances. They don’t. For all they know, I could be taking the food to a food bank. Nope. I’m my own charity. I’m a damn good one too! So I was fortunate to have some extra stuff in my cabinets thanks to my work. I appreciate it after the government decided to stab my budget in the guts.

Enough money talk. You might think I live below the poverty line or something…oh. Well you might think I live in a pig sty and I’m starving to death. I don’t and I’m sooooo not. My apartment is pretty lovely once I get around to picking up my clothes and doing dishes, and you become very innovative when circumstance calls for it. I can whip up a batch of baked chicken like you wouldn’t believe! 🙂

GAME NIGHT!!! I have awesome friends who Skype me into game night and find games I can play with them via computer screen! YAY! It was a new game too! Vile word game…but I made it to the end even if I didn’t win. I guess I know a few more idioms than I thought. I’m not dumb! Even with hard cider! But I SWEAR some of those were made up. For real. And afterwards I chatted with the boyfriend for a while. Because sometimes you just have things to say that are better done in person…or in computer-person? Whatever. It works as well as we can have 850 miles apart. I’ll take it. I’ll take him. ❤


  • BREAKFAST: Chicken, broccoli, mashed sweet potatoes
  • SNACK: Snickers PB squares
  • DINNER: Burgers, mashed sweet potatoes
  • SNACK: Assorted cookies, shrimp sticks(? It’s a snacky puffed snack thing that tastes like shrimp), and chocolate

Can we tell the anxiety I felt today? Yup. I can easily call this one.


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