On Today’s Menu: October 26, 2013

Apparently six hours of sleep is totally cool for my body. I think it had enough of being in the dark while the dark was still a bit spinny. Did I mention my three hard ciders last night during Game Night? No? Well, they existed. Then they quickly didn’t. Good game. I think my brain also had enough of unconsciously sorting through all of my feelings from last night. Serious business is serious. :-/ But at least we’re being mature and handling it. There’s no room for beating around the bush. Big kid decisions.

And then when you can wake up to a wonderful text after big kid decisions, you’re doing something right. :3

I was going to roll out of bed and go to Wal-Mart this morning bright and early. Then after the morning interweb duties, I realized I hadn’t eaten. Then I realized my dishes weren’t done yet. Then I realized my phone wasn’t charged. Then I wanted to talk to my mommy. So I didn’t get out of the house til after noon. Still only ate a piece of chicken. I went to Wal-Mart down the road first. I spent a good half hour staring at the rows of ribbon available. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do with my costume so I didn’t know what I could get and how to use it. I also wasn’t planning on buying anything today regardless. Savin’ dem dollas! Thaaaaaaaanks, enormous central government. Not touching that anymore because I’m not in the mood to be pissed.

I didn’t see any fringe thought. I did however see some really good jewel options. I’ll come back. I went to Family Dollar after and couldn’t find anything worthwhile. Same thing Dollar Tree. At least they had some beads I could probably cut up and paint for cheap. I clearly have planning to do before I run out and purchase things.

I went on a friending spree today as well. Had to find my burlesque ladies! I want to host a Bedazzl-In. (Get it? Bedazzling?) The ladies come over, we eat, drink, and make magic with fabric, jewels, and sequins. I wonder if 8 of us could fit in my apartment. I’m sure we could make it work. I also went on a social media creating spree. So my persona has twitter, google, and Facebook. Boom. What’s the name? Well don’t you worry about it. Low profile. 😉

I Skyped with my parents today too. That’s always nice. Also it’s usually informative. So many decisions. I hate it sometimes. But I love talking to my parents. Then I started prepping and cooking dinner. I made my own version of orange chicken! Not totally clean. I used one of my cans of mandarin oranges to make a sauce and to cook with the seared chicken. Oh. My. God. It was so good. It was too viscous, but still so delicious. Despite the sugar already in the can, I added raw honey for the nutritional benefits, but I think that combined with the “light” syrup, combined with arrowroot powder I thought would be the actual thickening agent but really just congealed in individual clumps, it became super thick! I could barely bite into the chicken. It would just stick to my lip! But again, YUM!

I also had spinach and onions sauteed together. That was surprisingly wonderful. Did I need the cookies after? Nope. I just can’t control myself. Really, it’s bad. I should never have taken the sweets. But I went from taking four out of the bag to just two. That’s it. 🙂 And two rice crackers flavored like coconut milk.

HOCKEY! And maybe EARLY BEDTIME! I didn’t get much sleep last night. And yet I felt better today than I have in a little while now, like a huge weight has been lifted just enough off of my chest to let me get through my day with a smile. Thanks.


  • BRUNCH: Piece of chicken
  • SNACK: Shrimp chips (Yup, Just as odd, but strangely delicious as it sounds.)
  • DINNER: Orange chicken with mandarin orange pieces, sauteed spinach and onions,
  • SNACK: Two raspberry filled cookies, two rice crackers

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