On Today’s Menu: October 27, 2013

25 days! The countdown on my screen is moving much too slowly.

Dude. I made my own honey mustard walnuts! I didn’t even realize I had walnuts left in the cabinet. That should definitely be budgeted into my groceries. Then I wouldn’t be eating the crap on the 20% side of the 80/20 rule.

I watched a really awful zombie movie today called Flight of the Living Dead. The boyfriend said, “So you’re watching Zombies on a Plane?” Yes. That is precisely what I watched. It. Was. Awful. Like not even funny bad. Just bad. Like it was shot as one of those spoof movies. Now if that were the case, fine. But it felt like they were trying to scare you, Cool it, fellas. No.

I was going to make a bad zombie movie marathon, but I was just turned off by the movies knowing The Walking Dead, which is AWESOME, was coming on tonight. So I finally decided to do some cooking since I hadn’t eaten yet. Wasn’t really hungry so much, but I definitely would’ve been. …actually, I don’t know that I would’ve. I wasn’t doing much today and thus wasn’t really craving food as nutrients. Only craving food from boredom. So I boredom cooked four delicious looking burgers. I flattened them more than usual and I just really enjoyed the way they came out. I’ve become very partial to cooking burgers in the oven. They’re still browned nicely and really juicy and don’t shrink as much as pan cooked burgers. I soaked lettuce and spinach, wrapped the burger in lettuce and sauteed more spinach and onions as sides with mashed sweet potatoes as well.

Yeah. My lunch was pretty epic. And it always tastes better when I do it myself and don’t shell out extra cash. I was happily stuffed. Mmmmm. There’s also something to picking up your burger and taking a big ol’ bite of it instead of using a fork and knife….that’s a burger right there!

Bride Day Sunday! Because it’s better than the news which has a real talent for pissing me off. Especially you, Florida. Yeah, I’m looking at you and all the news stories coming out of you. Hush up down there! I made some tea because my throat and chest were a little blechy. Like very little, but precautionary tea tastes delicious. Especially with Manuka honey.

Then I got to Skype with the boyfriend. Boyfriend > The Walking Dead. First I was feeling like “It’s only 25 days!” Then I was feeling like, “Ugggghh! 25 freakin’ days… Why do I make life so difficult?” I miss my sweetie.

I caught up with The Walking Dead right afterwards. The last minute was cut off and then it skipped some dialogue as the Talking Dead recording started. Bah! I am so overly invested in this damn show. This is definitely the reason I couldn’t sit through those crappy zombie movies. This is also probably not what I should be doing before bed. Sweet dreams, Brenna!


  • SNACK: Honey mustard walnuts
  • LUNCH: Lettuce wrapped burger topped with sauteed onions, ketchup, mustard, side of mashed sweets and sauteed spinach
  • SNACK: Assorted chocolates, cookies, and coconut cigars (I’ve been a bad girl lately. Boredom is a biotch!)

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