On Today’s Menu: October 28, 2013

Some days I simply adore being in the kitchen. Other days…not so much. Luckily, today was one of those days where the kitchen was calling me. First thing I did this morning was caramelize onions and chop up the two red onions for salad or whatever else might require red onions. I was just surprised the onions were actually still good. I know onions last a while, but my organic ones from the Farmers Market always looked a bit…off by the time I got around to feeling in the mood for onions. Now I realize they were just dirty and needed to be washed.


Onion waster.

The real shocker, however, was the pair of Vidalia onions I found in the cabinet from what has to be June or July. Those were still perfectly good! Insanity! I call GMO shenanigans! They were being sold 10lbs for $10 at the start of the summer. I was thinking, “What the hell am I gonna do with 10lbs of onions??” Now I know they would’ve lasted me til February. Speaking of the word February, can I just say it’s become a serious pet peeve of mine when people say, “Febuary” without the “r”. Seriously. My supervisor does it. I twitch every time.

Anyway, I caramelized the Vidalias. Definitely could’ve let them sit longer to become the caramelized onions I know and love from home. The heat was too low because I was afraid of burning them. Now I know. I’ll do it again for Thanksgiving with mama and the boyfriend. Weeee! I’m excited! 23 days til mama comes! 24 days til the boyfriend comes! Weeeeeeeee!

I created a photo album on Facebook for my food creations. I knew I wanted to upload the pictures somewhere, but I recently noticed there’s a problem with uploading my pictures from my camera. Boo. I’ll have to get to those later, but in the mean time I felt like at least sharing the ones on my phone or already uploaded to the computer. 21 so far I think. That’s a lot of food combinations! Don’t tell me I can’t eat anything just because I eat clean. Boom!

I also did a load of dishes! Woo! And my dear new friend Bubble sent me a link to a fantabulous deal where I’m about to score 3000 4mm rhinestones for under $15. Oh hi there, super bedazzled bra and underwear! …I never said this blog was entirely kid friendly. Go over to TOTs if that’s what you’re looking for.

Then I was drawn back to the kitchen because I felt like making today another prep day for the week. So I made meatloaf and 7 baked chicken thighs. I will not be buying fast food this week, ladies and gentlemen. I should’ve kept the number of thighs even. Oh well. I still have mashed sweets left and I have salad for sides. I thought I might go shopping tomorrow after work, but I decided to go once I’ve received my first paycheck from Puppetry. I calculated it so I won’t spend more than $65! Yay! But I’m way in the red for October and I’d like to recoup some of my losses before creating further debt like I’m the US government or something.

I should probably do something in the way of side dishes. Maybe a quick trip to Kroger for…I don’t know…something frozen from the organic section? Something small?

The rest of the day was spent doing not much. I watched TV and ate a whole bunch of crap. I don’t make excuses. I make choices. I didn’t take the time to buy more water bottles today — honestly I totally forgot — so I couldn’t satiate my boredom cravings with water. So I ate. And then I thought, “Let me drink the free fruit punch I got from that grocery nab that I’m using as a mixer when I get around to it. At least it’s liquid.” Nope. It’s sugar syrup. And it made me thirsty and gave me a sticky throat. And then I ate more. Oh boy.

I’m too cool for cool.


  • LUNCH: Burger in a lettuce wrap topped with caramelized onions, ketchup, and mustard, a side of sauteed broccoli
  • DINNER: Salad
  • SNACK: Coconut cigars, chocolate raspberry cookies

…I feel like poo all of a sudden. Here’s some food pr0n of better days. 🙂

Dinner from tonight
Dinner from tonight

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