On Today’s Menu: October 29, 2013

I learned a few things today.

The very first thing I learned is that I will NEVER drive to the Center for Puppetry Arts on a weekday. NEVER. A twenty minute drive took me an hour because of friggin’ 285 and N. Druid Hills Rd. I HATE YOU SO MUCH!

So I was 10 minutes late for work. Luckily I don’t work with jerks anymore. I jumped right in, ready to answer phones and be watched while doing so. I got to answer phones today! I’m learning the intricacies of how Puppetry runs as opposed to how Horizon runs. It’s actually fascinating.  Puppetry is much more organized in how they function. They don’t have the same subscriptions, it’s a bit simpler, but it’s very organized in how everything is handled. I’m getting used to the different prices and the different sources and how Puppetry runs in general. Other than that, the use of Tessitura is basically the same, just more features are used…properly. Haha!

I spoke to Nancy Grace on the phone today. Not for long, but I totally spoke to her. Not that I would enjoy any in depth conversation with her because she’s a statist and statists gonna state. She’s lovely though. And she has the cutest dialect! Her daughter is having a birthday party at Puppetry on Saturday I believe, but apparently she comes around all the time. Whaaaa? Mad celeb sightings here yo!

I also took a membership on my first full call today. Boom. 9 more and I get a bonus. Boom! Now I just need to stop being tempted by all the food that shows up and tempts me. I fell to danish today…and more. But more on that later.

I was afraid I wouldn’t make it home without filling up on gas since I only had about an hour’s worth of gas left. Stupid N. Druid Hills Rd. So I got gas a few exits before home. I learned that I have terrible rage issues that I’m very good at hiding from most people. It would be improper to be so explosively belligerent around people. I was reeeeeally angry on the road today. I partially attribute that to the time of month, but still. I surprised myself. Watching the news when I got home didn’t help matters. I need to learn those deep breathing techniques. I’ve already learned to just change the channel when the news bothers me. Progress!

I got some more plotting done today for NaNoWriMo! It’s so close! And I’m not finished plotting yet! Gotta get on that! Did a quick write up on the Sheeps with Fangs chapter. Yup. My co-op will live on forever in my writing. Love that man.

HOCKEY!! AND I GOT TO WATCH!! This is exciting. Seriously. It only happens sporadically so I grab it when I can. I also tend to make it a splurge night to celebrate watching an exciting game. I’m a little ashamed of how I looked tonight in terms of eating while watching the game.

Today was simply not a day to refuse cravings I guess. Stuffed myself sick. Again. Why do I keep doing it? Don’t you dare think it has anything to do with how I eat now. I adore how I eat and cooking my own food and knowing that I eat as health-consciously as I can. The problem is how I grew up eating. My body loves sugar because it was always something that made me feel happy. You think it’s a joke that people can be addicted to food? It’s the same reaction as a drug addict has to getting a fix. My drug is sugar. And it’s so readily available wherever I turn that if I don’t have anyone to hold me accountable, I’m ten million times more likely to just go for it. Clearly my opinion of myself is not enough. Poor girl.

Having to balance how closely I watch myself along with budgeting my meager income and maintaining my home and overcoming loneliness makes me prioritize quickly. Obviously money trumps health on occasion (yeah, sometimes you just have to do the best you can; your body will understand and forgive) and an easy fix trumps remembering how ill I feel afterwards. People’s memories are short.

Welp, my apartment is a safe zone again. I’d appreciate keeping it that way. Good thing I can’t afford to buy crap so whatever is in YDFM groceries budget is what I get. I’m actually kind of excited to go grocery shopping. I have a goal spending cap and I think I picked out what I need to keep it beneath that. Bring it! …bring my first Puppetry paycheck first please!


  • BREAKFAST: Meatloaf, mashed sweets
  • SNACK: Danish, pastry
  • DINNER: Chicken, salad
  • SNACK: Assorted not good things

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