On Today’s Menu: October 30, 2013

I woke up at 4:30am all by myself. So I went back to sleep.

Waking up at 6am wasn’t hard. I went to bed fairly early last night. Somehow I managed to not have to shovel food down my throat to eat breakfast. That was nice. I got to answer more phones today!! Like for real answer phones! A lot of calls I had to pass along because they were for group reservations. Others I got to take care of all by myself. I’m a big girl now. 😉 I was also taught how to do reminder calls. That’s something else I’ll have to ease into, but the sooner I learn, the sooner I can be more productive. Dropping the training wheels one day at a time. I forgot that weird, foggy feeling of being a new employee. I just don’t know how things run around here yet.

But Phillip kept me company. He’s my cow puppet friend. Why don’t the little kids want the free cow with their membership? I love the cows. Appreciate the mighty bovine! …Phillip is grass-fed.

The rest of my day was…less productive. But no junk! Let’s ignore that danish I had today as well, shall we? No home junk. I watched It. I was surprisingly interested in that movie. I sat there for 4 hours watching it on cable. Wow. I guess it helped that immediately after it there was a hockey game. No down time to think about how badly I want to stuff chocolate and cookie and cake in my mouth. Stupid not pregnant body. I guess the alternative is not quite something I’m prepared for either. I guess I’ll just put up with it for now.

I had my first sighting of an Affordable Care Act poster on MARTA. Yes I stood up and moved so I could take a picture. Then I stared disgruntled at the poster for a minute. If you believe in this crap, it’s probably because 1) you have tons of money to throw around, 2) you don’t understand the truth about Federal Aid, or 3) you are receiving this Federal Aid with full understanding that it is at the expense of others who may or may not be able to afford to take care of you in which case you are greedy and selfish. That is all. I’ll be going to bed with feels up the wazoo.

I HAVE 3000 RHINESTONES ON THE WAY TO MY DOOR!!! BRING THE BLING! I am so ready to get started on what little bit of my costume I know I want to have. I should still sort of plot out how I want to go about designing the costume. Don’t want to waste any rhinestones and don’t want to mess up my costume.

I don’t have work tomorrow! I should be getting some more household chores done. I also don’t have anywhere to be tomorrow night. Well, I do, but I don’t want to spend any money. It would probably look terribly creepy for my to go trick or treating tomorrow night, huh? But I have a great thrown together Bat Girl costume! And I want free candy! Bah. Oh well. The curse of growing up. And the karma of the universe trying to keep me well. Thank you, universe.


  • BREAKFAST: Meat loaf, mashed sweets
  • SNACK: Danish
  • DINNER: Chicken, mashed sweets

Maybe a trip to Kroger is in order for a side dish or two.

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