On Today’s Menu: November 2, 2013

Happy November! Sorry I missed posting on November 1. I was skyping with the boyfriend for a few hours in the evening that otherwise would have been spent writing up that post. Priorities, what can I say? But I will mention about November 1st that NaNoWriMo has BEGUN!! I probably should’ve set myself a reasonable word count for each day. I got about 1500 words on day one. Today was just a few quick words jotted in a notebook before bed. I had a busy day today. But happy belated birthday to little Liberty! She’s about to go on a hell of an adventure!

I drove to work, leaving an hour early again just in case my plan didn’t pan out. It did! Traffic on a weekend heading into Atlanta is nothing. Simply glorious. So now I know I can split up MARTA and gas money. I’ll manage that for November I hope. I worked from 9-3. There was a bag of mini Kit-Kats on the table. Yes, I indulged in chocolate. I also read an article about the worst excuses people use to “cheat” on a “diet”. (I’m not on a diet, but I know those excuses well.)

Took another membership (8 more!) and did some ticket sales for our new deal for Rudolph. I’m getting much more comfortable with the phones. What’s more awesome is that I’m getting much more comfortable with my co-workers. They’re all really great and fun people. We went out after work to Rebecca’s house for a house party spawned from being so close to an annual chili cookoff in Cabbagetown. She was literally down the block of the blocked off street for the festival. Win. We got there too late for chili, but it was nice to hang out and meet some people and discover a cute park with stone turtle statues and take pictures and eat a bunch of food that is slowly giving me cancer. Life is short! Eat a little banana pudding!

And Anthony drove us over, which was awesome of him because I’ve really only budgeted gas for going back and forth to work two days a week IF that. And driving up and down Memorial Drive to catch a train. So. Yeah. I appreciate not having to spend extra cash. He was also kind enough to buy me a salad for dinner since the party only had “light snacks”. I need to stop blurting out my financial woes to people. I’m such an attention whore. Brenna, stop it. No, but it’s really not that. I just don’t want people thinking I’m dodging them or being snooty or whatever when it’s really just I’m budgeting hardcore for a little while until both my jobs kick in and I can see what my income should really be.

It was nice to get a little insight into the APO inductions tonight too. Thanks, dear, for that picture of pure nightmare fodder. We take things seriously at Kean. True story. I hope all the new littles are welcomed with big open arms and I hope the bigs and alumni all had a blast getting reconnected! I would’ve gone if I were up there. A huge part of my brain questions why on Earth I’d do that. Another part shuts it up saying, “Because reasons!”

So I got home and was sufficiently pooped despite only being about 9:30ish. I got the Save the Date card in the mail for my friends’ wedding!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! ABBY AND TARA YOU TWO ARE SUCH WONDERFUL FRIENDS AND HUMAN BEINGS I’M SO FRIGGIN EXCITED TO SPEND SUCH A SPECIAL DAY WITH YOU BOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahem. I also got some surprisingly spectacular coupons from Kroger (yes, I’m telling you about my mail because I was surprised to have more mail for me than the previous residents) for some free goodies and discounted necessities I’ll be using in December’s shopping trip. The best thing of all?

MY 3000 RHINESTONES HAVE ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TIME TO BEDAZZLE THE HELL OUT OF SOME LINGERIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll be hosting the first annual Bitch and Bedazzle for my burlesque ladies. Haha!

Yes, it was a busy and exciting day and I’m going to get so much sleep. Because one extra hour does in fact constitute SO MUCH sleep. True story.


  • BREAKFAST: Chicken, mashed sweet potatoes (they’re finally gone!)
  • SNACK: …do I have to say? It’s bad when you’re really embarrassed to say everything you stuffed in your face. Let’s just say assorted snacks throughout the day. Some chocolate based, others bready based. I’m not being a very good role model, huh? I’m hoping you’ll see I’m not perfect, but I do my best and I’m happy with that.
  • DINNER: Chicken Caesar Salad

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