7 Reasons You Should Hate Libertarians

Libertarian Money

Libertarian’s are often treated harshly by Democrats and Republican’s alike. Both major ends of the political spectrum look at libertarian’s as if they’re a looney subset of the opposing party. This is mostly based on a caricature of the libertarian movement that most media outlets pretend is the real thing. Libertarian’s are portrayed as either insanely rich people manipulating elections with their financial means, or poor white kids living in their parents basements smoking weed. How the media maintains those two polar opposites as the image is beyond me but they seem to be doing a pretty good job.

There are some legitimate reasons that you should hate libertarians. It has nothing to do with the silly caricature but the next time you choose to attack a libertarians, the least you could do is use one of the following real reasons to hate us:

1. You Receive Government Benefits


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