On Today’s Menu: November 5, 2013

I love that I can catch the 8:09am train and make it to work with plenty of time to spare. An extra half hour of sleep is a positively glorious thing. I only wish that in that extra time there was still time to prepare a proper breakfast. I shouldn’t have been lazy yesterday when I ate that sausage as the only thing for dinner because I was preoccupied with rhinestones. I just washed some fruit to snack on either on the way to work or once I got there. Thank god for the foodies I work with! Even if they provide crap, that crap stops me from fainting. …I should use different terminology or I might scare my parents. I was nowhere near fainting. I just had bad hunger pangs by the time I got to work. I then proceeded to eat leftovers from our mini fridge in the ticket office. I ate. I promise.

I wrote the start of chapter two for NaNoWriMo on the train. I love not caring about people watching me write on the train. I just find a seat, whip out my notebook for the 20 minute ride to Five Points and keep writing while I wait for my transfer to the red or gold line and keep writing on that train too. There’s always time if you make time. I just would rather bedazzle the living daylights out of a bra yesterday. Priorities. i haz them.

Work was easy enough. I got to watch Rudolph today! I get paid to see the shows so I can tell patrons about them. My life is good right now. The show was really sweet and I love how they played with perspective by using larger and smaller versions of the same puppets. They also had really whimsical projections on a scrim that tied all of the features of the scenery together nicely. It blocked and enhanced scene changes. It moved story along. It was just marvelous. While they sang “Silver and Gold” and decorated the Christmas tree, I won’t lie, I got a bit teary-eyed again. Dammit, Christmas! I don’t even celebrate you! Do you even secular bro?

…my favorite quote from a liberty-minded individual to a whole page dedicated to trolling anarchists was, “Do you even econ 101 and scarcity?” I almost laughed out loud at work the other day.

But yes, again I am super thankful that I will be celebrating at least Thanksgiving with at least a small portion of my family. The holidays are gonna get real schmoopy real fast. I can feel it. But in the mean time, ICE CREAM SOCIAL! The development department provided ice cream for us while they talked to us a bit about what they do in their department and made us feel really good about being involved in our own ways to help get donors and donations and support the center. I did feel good for my little part in the ticket office. Golly. And ice cream makes me feel good too…until the sugar aches creep up. Then I regret it. But I was in good company so it wasn’t so bad. The fun sized M&Ms didn’t help, but again, good company. I just need to work on my in-the-moment-“hell no, I’m not eating that crap!” reactions. I’ll get there. I didn’t take a second bowl of ice cream. I didn’t buy cheap fast food on the way home. I ended up cooking real food for dinner instead. Boom!

Yes, I made burgers, roasted broccoli and sweet potatoes, and sauteed spinach and broccoli. I tried sauteeing the spinach and broccoli at the same time. Bad idea. Still tasty though. I just got in a cooking groove and this evening became a cooking evening. I have sides for the week — always the most difficult thing for me somehow — and I’ll probably supplement the burgers with some chicken I took out of the freezer to bake. Then I’ll be set. Dude. My spinach was still covered in dirt, that’s how natural I grabbed it from the market. Dude. Gross. I was so excited to soak it in apple cider vinegar! I watched the sediment at the bottom of the bowl form. Please. For the love of god, people. Please please please soak your veggies! Don’t eat dirt and bugs! While I’m sure Grok did just that, I can’t imagine it tastes very appealing so I avoid it. My personal paleo/clean eating style.

The way I managed my time, I found time to also continue work on my epic bra of epicness. I added some rhinestone designs to the sides because they were looking too plain with just the marquee style gems lines along the edges. Now it looks like gems are draped on as well. AAHH! I’m so excited to wear it! And apparently I’m so good that I have a job opportunity before I’ve even set foot on stage in this capacity for the first time. 😉 I also know a guy who knows a guy. You know how that goes. But it certainly doesn’t make my lingering residency question any easier. Curse you, universe for being so full of options and not just forcing me to do one thing or another! ::shakes fist::

Anyway. Hey, it’s election day! Guess what I did today! That’s right. I just told you everything I did today. Not one moment was spent thinking about silly voting. Happy Tuesday everybody! Sorry, New Jersey friends and family, that you were kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place. Hope you opted out instead!


  • BREAKFAST: Raspberry pasty roll thing (seriously though, I just hadn’t eaten anything since about 6pm the night before)
  • SNACK: Cranberry nut loaf, strawberries, grapes, peanut M&Ms, strawberry and vanilla ice cream with nuts, chocolate syrup and whipped cream (again, my brain was all kinds of weird ways at work today. No more skipping breakfast!)
  • DINNER: Two burgers, sauteed spinach and broccoli

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