On Today’s Menu: November 8, 2013

My computer is definitely bugged up. Daddy!

In other news, I have such a one track mind. I seriously want to do nothing but sew and rhinestone right now. My poor NaNo story is suffering. I write on the train, but I get lazy about rewriting it into MSWord. And thus the count moves slowly. I also kinda don’t feel like sitting still and even writing this. But anyway,

I got to stay late at work again yesterday, which was great because I had much too much down time before class. I ordered Chinese food because I’m feeling confident about my budget and my hours at Puppetry. Then I still got to class super early so I walked around the dress store next door for half an hour. Then I was one time…for the 7 o’clock class which I wasn’t really attending. I just didn’t want to walk down Defoor street in the dark so I figured I could wait in the building before my class. I ended up running errands with Bubble and getting Taco Bell. Because reasons. πŸ™‚ I actually didn’t have much. I was just peckish because my body was all out of whack.

Class was boobtastic! Pasties galore with some extremely confident women! But I can twirl a mean tassel ladies and gentlemen. That’s all. We also practiced glove pulls. I’m now extremely conflicted about what I want to use. Ack! Decisions! I want all the pretty things! Before I left, I snagged a pair of pasties that looked like they would be so awesome if I chose to maybe or maybe not use them for my routine. My favorite part of the purchase? No tax. πŸ™‚

This morning I realized I GET TO SEE THE BOYFRIEND IN TWOOOOO WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!! So it started off on a definite high. Then I forgot I was supposed to leave myself time to get gas. I slept late because of how late I was out last night. That meant no gas and driving up Memorial Drive on fumes. Oooh dear. But I looked cute today and I caught my train!

Work went smoothly today except one woman who was trying to tweak and trim to get an inclusive ticket at group rate. No ma’am. Can’t help ya there. But I got another member. That’s four! I also got paid!! It was less than I thought and so I am regretting buying the Chinese food (except it was perfectly timed because I didn’t have time for breakfast) and the pasties. :-/ I also had to get gas when I got back. But I made it to Kroger without stalling! YES! And I got gas for only $3.04 per gallon! YESSSS! But I had to bump my budget for gas and my 100 safety net disappeared really quickly. Stupid medicare. Stupid social security. Stupid State.

I finished rhinestoning my bra! And after talking with Katherine Lashe after class, I want to see if we can work out a time trade for a piece of my costume. If I can, great. If not, that’s cool too. One way or another, this is gonna be so much fun!!

Today marks the first day of chilly weather. The shivering in the last few days as I waited for the early train don’t mean anything until the day I come home and decide to light my oil diffuser. Now it is autumn in Georgia. I could use a snuggle buddy to enjoy its warmth with me.


  • BREAKFAST: Left over General Tso’s
  • SNACK: Macademia nuts
  • DINNER: Chicken, sauteed broccoli

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