On Today’s Menu: November 10, 2013

I actually left the house today!! It was just to take out the trash, but I got fresh air on a day I wasn’t working! Considering I cleaned toilets and sprayed down the tile in my…foyer(?), I should’ve gotten more. That junk is deadly for sure. Even the vinegar based cleaner. But yes, there was much cleaning and vacuuming done today. My carpets are clean and I’ve organized a few things that were piling up. The only room I didn’t get to was the kitchen. I just did a load of dishes the other day and I’m not in the mood to wash dishes by hand. I also hurt my lower back from all the bending and stooping and running from make believe bugs (and some real bugs) while cleaning.

Because of that, I ordered a big dinner so I wouldn’t have to stand and cook for long. It also means leftovers from the week will last a little longer. I planned! ::happydance:: OWWW! No more happy dance….I’ll just quietly eat my thin crust pizza and wings. I think even the thin crust is starting to affect me. Unless I have like three pieces, I start to get that warmth in my chest. Not the happy fireplace, hot tea with lemon and honey, homemade bone broth soup warmth. The you’re-lucky-you-didn’t-do-this-late-at-night-or-you-would-know-true-agony warmth. I’ll have to take it easy with that…which means it’ll last longer!

And yes. Pizza dipped in ranch dressing is the best thing about fast food on this planet. End of story. But I won’t do it anymore because ranch dressing is just another dash of poison I don’t feel like consistently adding to my food.

The boyfriend’s mom had me on her shopping list today apparently when she took him to shopping. He texted me while I was cleaning so I didn’t hear anything until he had to call to get information for her about my clothing size. I’m still getting used to her giving me things. But she’s gotten me nice things in the past, which I greatly appreciate. So yay! Clothes!

I transferred more of chapter two to MSWord for my NaNoWriMo story! That in itself is progress. Maybe I should stop writing on the train. I also continued rhinestoning (apparently that’s the correct verb used by burlesque performers) but I needed to stop because I think I’m going to need new bottoms for my cute as all get out bra. 😀

Skyped the game with the boyfriend! Then Panera made him go to work at ungodly hour in the evening, only to demand he be back at f* you o’clock the very next morning. Ugh! So I watched The Walking Dead as scheduled instead of recording (AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!! AMAZING EPISODE TONIGHT!!!!!!) and watching after the game. The Devils thrashed the Predators! 5-0! YEEEEEAAAAHHHH BOOOOOIIIII!!! Like I said, they either win big, lose big, or lose so-so. They never win so-so. I got a bad feeling about this year. I hung up my Brodeur jersey using the tri-pod that is otherwise neglected for now. I hung it up and then we won 5-0. Just saying. 🙂

I’m really enjoying my cleaned apartment. I feel like a big girl. 🙂 Now if my budget can go ahead and reflect how I feel instead of spit on how I feel, that’d be great.


  • BREAKFAST: Beef sausage, scrambled eggs in coconut oil
  • SNACK: Grapes
  • DINNER: Thin crust pizza, bbq wings

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