On Today’s Menu: November 11, 2013

There were things I was going to get done today. Then I thought, “Well yesterday was such a productive day! I don’t want to make it feel less special by having another day be as productive if not more so.” Then I was elected president of the United States.

Dude. That would make a cool story.

I watched Cars this morning. Cute. Other than suffering through Owen Wilson’s voice. It was cute enough that I wanted to watch Cars 2 so I set the DVR. Other things on my To-Do List. Couldn’t sit around with Owen Wilson’s voice again for another two hours. I also soaked some lettuce so I could wrap up some leftover burgers. See? I would’ve eaten them yesterday if I hadn’t ordered some supplementary thin crust pizza. Strategy, friends. I nearly forgot about my caramelized onions from way back still in the fridge. I do love me some caramelized onions. We’re making them for early Thanksgiving feast! I’m so excited! It’s getting closer!! Oh, and fun fact about the way my life works, Dominos is having a sale, starting today, that would’ve let me pay the exact same amount but I could’ve gotten two LARGE pizzas instead. Yup. My life. ::headdeskuntilconcussed::

I finally finished transferring my NaNo notes from my notebook to MSWord. That took much longer than it should have. I don’t think I’m gonna make my NaNoWriMo goal, but plotting sure is a blast! I also extended the chapter. I’m nearly done with chapter two and it’s reached the 3k word mark I’ve set per chapter. It’s a bit of an arbitrary number, but it sounded good, so I’m sticking with it. This has also opened my eyes to some personal issues I’ve been tackling. For whatever reason I feel like I need to be in a constant state of productiveness. And while I’m being productive doing one thing, it’s making me sit still or focus on one thing when there are other things to be done, which tells me, as only a crazy person can tell herself, that I’m not actually being productive. Apparently cleaning my apartment was not productive in my brain. Neither is working on my routine and neither is writing. Hmmm…Brenna, we should talk.

I worked on my routine a little more today considering this Thursday we’re getting into CHOREOGRAPHY LESSONS!!!!!! I also broke out my bag o’ jewelry from way back when and found my old rhinestone necklace I’ve now used in assorted plays. I tried it on with the bra and a tiara. AH! LOVE! I’m more excited than EVER! So after Thursday, I’m hoping we’re really getting into the nitty gritty of what needs to be done for January. Weeeee!!!

So there was a box office meeting today to sum up what to expect of the holidays. Wee! It’s getting closer to double pay time! And I’ve missed the folks at Horizon. I also got a really awesome idea that may or may not help when it comes to some permanent living decisions. I like scheming. Muahahahaha! Despite how it rarely works. 😛 And I scored the rest of one of those big bags of chocolate goodies. Mostly just whoppers left, but I like whoppers…because they’re coated in chocolate. 🙂

And then public (aka: government) transportation went and ruined my evening. Assholes on the train stood there for a good two seconds while I tapped on the door to be let in because I got there just after the doors closed. Once. I’ve seen those doors open and close four times before. You couldn’t let me on the goddamn train? You could press on it or whatever activates it? You are all assholes, people on that train car. I hope you have a terrible night somehow equivalent to the sudden onset of rage that filled my heart and has been lingering there since I got home. So. Much. Anger.

And I’m a little ashamed of myself that I can’t express what the true fuel for my anger is today. And I guess also a little proud that I’m learning to hold my tongue. Screaming in an empty apartment really helps with that. And having the best boyfriend a girl could ever want helps too. Okay, let’s try this: in conclusion, there must be a better way to respect either your happiness for your loved ones or your sorrow for the loss of them, but in this instance, not what they actually have done. To group it all under the category of PRAISE VETERANS OR YOU’RE AN ASSHOLE BECAUSE THEY FOUGHT FOR YOUR FREEDOM, is not okay and is, in fact, a fallacy. But I hope no one I know has lost anyone dear to them. That is all for now.


  • BRUNCH: Two lettuce wrapped burgers with caramelized onions and mustard, salad
  • SNACK: “Cinnabon” macademia nuts, mini whoppers and mini hershey bars
  • DINNER: Thin crust pizza

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