On Today’s Menu: November 13, 2013

I am so fortunate to have two jobs, even if they are only part time, that are so understanding about how to best manage my time with them. I’m almost moved to not look into other work like a full time opportunity somewhere…but not quite enough. I definitely need to get to those emails I talked about like a month ago. Oh Brenna. So much could lie ahead for you.

Anyway, yeah, work. It was a good day. Smooth, nothing crazy, got another membership. THAT’S FOUR! I wore one of the sweaters the boyfriend’s mom gave me a while back because it was FREEZING today. Literally. I woke up to 27 degree weather. Fahrenheit, DAD. Don’t be cute. This is not what I wanted to see from Georgia. But because of that, I broke out my really cute blue peacoat and found my gloves! And it warmed up by the time I left. I was also full of chocolate cake by the time I left…birthday cake for the November birthdays. That’s allowed, right?


It was funny, as I ate it and while I dealt with the immediate consequences of it, I had an interesting thought that blossomed into what could be a whole post on its own. I was thinking about the choices I make and why. It starts of small, but that could blow up into a doctoral thesis. Certainly for me, I like the normalcy of being accepted by those around me. Those around me eat food I stopped eating. Nothing wrong with that. I don’t care what makes you happy to eat. I just try to avoid because it makes my body react in unpleasant ways. But I won’t avoid it because food is such a social matter. I want to comfortably partake in both food and conversation around me. I like being apart of that environment. Humans–and I am in fact a human–are social creatures, and this is one way that is expressed among humans. So I can’t beat myself up for having to fight my genetic programming as a human. I do want to overcome that though. Challenge time!

I also like the ease of access that the SAD diet provides because it is the common standard in American…hence Standard American Diet. Due to my financial state, I often choose to take the least expensive route which means snacking at work or having a meal at work kindly provided by co-workers. And I certainly plan on paying them back with the leftover cookies I’ll have from Thanksgiving. 😀 But it eases my mind to to allow myself the bad food now, knowing the long term affects could be years and years away and knowing my body will always be able to bounce back if I correct the habit with the food at home soon. And I do. I don’t keep bad things in the house usually (unless it’s the free whoppers and mini Hershey bars from Horizon after the staff meeting…again, it was free) so when I’m home, I’m safe.

This is really a matter of overcoming these obstacles. And I will continue to write my journey of trying to overcome these obstacles. I wonder how common these struggles are in comparison to the Primal Blueprint success stories posted every Friday. If it’s not as common, here’s the story of a lady on a tough route to physical and mental health. If it is common, more people should talk about the struggle of adapting. It is interesting to me and I hope it helps someone else. No more paleo perfectionism! Just be active, get sleep, and eat well as best as you can given your circumstances. I’m near broke, so I’m gonna cave to free things often. I just need to cut back on it until I don’t feel inclined to do it anymore. Fight the power, girl! Because heartburn blows!

That’s the biggest thing I wanted to point out today. The rest of the day was fighting laziness so I would have real food in the house. It beat me over the ground beef, but I got the chicken–BBQ and Asian–into the oven as well as sweet potatoes and the leftover diced onions. I also got in touch with the fabulous Katherine Lashe who is tremendously awesome and helped guide me to completing my costume. I may yet need her costuming wisdom. Or anyone who can help me make short sleeves out of a long sleeved robe. When I say I’m not a costumer, I mean it.

And there was eating and TV and scheduling and budgeting and goddamn popups that I can’t get rid of.

Ladies and gentlemen: my life. ::bows::


  • BREAKFAST: Thin crust pizza (It’s gone now… ::momentofsilence::)
  • SNACK: Two pieces of cake (It’s moments like this where I feel it’s dishonest not to differentiate between a “slice” and a “piece”. A “slice” is a slice. a “piece” is a giant chunk. Yes. It was yummy.
  • DINNER: Baked chicken with roast sweet potatoes and diced onions

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