On Today’s Menu: November 14, 2013

How is an hour and fifteen minutes not enough time to get ready in the morning? I guess I’m gonna have to wake my lazy butt up with my alarm and stop checking Facebook first thing. Yup. I’m kind of a Millenial.

My dear supervisor Katie brought a tin of little sugar cookies to work. Curses. Foiled again by Puppetry. But the good news is that once I realized what I was doing, I stopped eating the cookies. My first reaction was, “Oh my gosh! Cookies!!” So I took a few. Then I thought about it, watched other people eating them, and took another later. Then I got a membership to sign up (THAT’S FIVE!) and rewarded myself with a fourth…fifth? Something like that. They’re small tin cookies.

Then I got another membership sign up. (THAT’S SIX!) And you know what?

I didn’t take the cookie. I just kind of looked at it, wanted it, didn’t feel the telltale headache to warn me against it, but I didn’t want it more than I wanted it. I don’t even know if that makes sense. There was a lot of downtime spent staring at the tin. Probably unhealthy. My mind isn’t quite healthy. Today was a good day for working on that! I’m actually really proud of myself!

I hung around work passing time eating lunch/dinner until I decided to brave the dangers of a social outing to an eatery with Bubble. We met at the Waffle House near the studio. I was trying to avoid meeting at a restaurant, but I honestly didn’t know where else to go. She suggested it as I thought she might and was my initial plan, and I wanted to hang out with her near the studio before it got dark…but not like the creep I was last time. I ordered hashbrowns covered and chunked, which cost me like $4.74 with tip. I can live with that. Less than $5 to be with my friend and not feel bad for using the restaurant as our meeting place. Also, this happened:

20131114_182308 20131114_182318

Yup. Passive aggressive bitch for the win! Seriously, we weren’t that loud.

I think I used the sugar energy from those carbs alright in class tonight. If I didn’t have work in the morning, I’d finish using the sugar energy dancing all night. True story. Potatoes have their place, even white potatoes.

Food. Bringing us together since the paleolithic age. The only place segregation is still totally a thing.

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