On Today’s Menu: November 15, 2013

I AM SEE’N MAH BOFREND IN WAN WEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Now that that’s out of the way, breakfast. Breakfast really needs to become a thing. The way my day goes, I need to budget more than fifteen minutes to shove the puny morsels I call breakfast down my throat. This would be easier if I properly budgeted money for sides and time for cooking.

MARTA doesn’t care how you budget your time. Today, after two days of frost delays, MARTA decided to just shutdown its westbound trains from Indian Creek to Avondale. No, no. That’s cool, public transportation. I’ll just use the other mass transit system…oh wait. I can’t. Because monopolies.

I felt my stomach burning despite having eaten just an hour prior. Definitely anxiety hunger, which is fake I realize. It’s tied to emotional eating. Yup. So hush, stomach, because you’ve got a 9-3 shift. Luckily this girl packed water and Macademia nuts…and luckily it wasn’t a real 9-3 shift because I was late…? Actually it wasn’t a 9-3 shift at all. I forgot today’s schedule was only 9-1. Ooops. The key to today’s shift though is that Tess and the internet kept failing and I was attempting to multitask on my down time looking for cheap costume pieces. Stress was a little high. Also, Batman’s mom was in the parking lot. Seriously. The Bat Soccer Mom-mobile was in our parking lot. No joke. But. BUT! I did not touch cookies or popcorn! I ate my delicious Mac nuts like a goddamn champ and did not feel like I was missing out. But since I planned to meet Bubble in L5P and she was already eating lunch, I bought a bag of Kettle chips to tide me over. Only $.80. No complaints here. Thank you, no more perfectionism!

Bubble and I did some shopping and perusing through L5P and Wal-Mart for burlesque-y goodness. All the while I was not hungry. We were out a couple of hours and she grabbed some Taco Bell for dinner noshes at my apartment. I guess I was supposed to like make my own dinner noshes at some point. I’m sorry, but covering panties appropriately is much more important. I did snack on some rice crackers and fake spicy cheese sauce and whoppers candies. The life of the lazy and cheap. Sorry stomach. I immediately regretted it. My body doesn’t like going back to SAD after finding paradise.

Skyping the boyfriend is a great way to not think about cooking food. (I’m sorry, mom. I get really lazy sometimes.) Until he brings up Gingerbread Oreos. Grrrr. I guess I love him anyway. You know what stops me from thinking about Oreos and the candy at the cash registers or the ice  cream or fast food, at least it did today? My body just feels better without it. This morning I could swear I looked a bit thinner (not that thin is the be-all end-all of beauty, HELL NO!). Trick of the light? Maybe. But I felt really good today. Which is nice on the 11 month anniversary of clean eating. GO GIRL!


  • BREAKFAST: Asian chicken
  • SNACK: BBQ Kettle chips, rice crackers dipped in cheese sauce, whoppers candy
  • DINNER: Paprika chicken

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