On Today’s Menu: November 16, 2013

As my dear friend puts it, “The struggle is real.” My laziness will find a way to win. No cooked food yesterday means  few options today. But that doesn’t mean it will get into my wallet. I am all for facing the consequences of my actions, but my wallet and my budget will no longer duffer for these actions as I learn to overcome this. Only my belly and my emotional well-being. #BacheloretteProblems Is that a thing? Can I make this # a thing?

Because I only had some Macademia nuts this morning, what’s the first thing that happens when I get to work? I’m offered a donut. And I accept it. Although to my credit, I didn’t scarf it down. I had it over the course of like half an hour. I think my body has learned to trick itself. See, when I ate the donut, I wasn’t hungry for the next seven hours. Why? Well I think my body knows well that carbs burn into sugar. It equates the amount of sugar in that glazed donut to the same amount of sugar in say a bowl of pasta. Thus it says, “Oh! I must’ve eaten a bowl of pasta. That’s a satisfying meal, right? No more food!” And then I’m not hungry. My head hurts, but I’m not hungry. I was also at the window on a Saturday with four birthday parties. I was mostly distracted from any hunger pangs.

But I’m up to nine memberships! I think. Pretty sure. Woo! And I know exactly what I’m doing with the extra $25. Because I’m the best girlfriend in the world and all you shallow boys in high school and college missed out. 😉

I got home and had a mini thing of whoppers candy to calm my stomach before finally forcing myself to cook some burgers with the two pounds of ground beef in the fridge. I love cooking burgers in the oven. It’s like I can grill! I thought  I’d finally get to supplement my entree with a side dish again. Unfortunately I misled myself into thinking I’d already soaked and cleaned my leftover spinach. The gritty crunch from wilted spinach told me otherwise. :-/ So I had three burgers to make it more of a meal. Still not totally satisfying, but I didn’t want to kill the sweet potatoes. That’s my final serving of a side dish until I make more sweet potatoes…which is apparently the only thing that lasts in my apartment other than frozen meat.

More boyfriend skyping during dinner! And Devils hockey!! Also anxiety over spending money on my costume pieces. We all know where anxiety leads. It leads to falling for false promises of sweet things. Why do I keep trying to make big changes in my life at inconvenient times? Right before Christmas. The week before that vile time of month. I guess if not now, when?

…I’d like some more chocolate please. I wouldn’t if my dinner had been more satisfying. Oh beef. You alone cannot crush the hunger in my belly. But at least there’s lots of you. And for that, I thank you.


  • SNACK: Macademia nuts, glazed donut, whopper candies
  • DINNER: Burgers

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