On Today’s Menu: November 17, 2013

I woke up way earlier than necessary because I went to sleep last night way earlier than usual. Sleep was definitely necessary. That meant I had time for breakfast! Yay! But I guess being hunched over a computer immediately after led to a bit of an ache in my chest. I think it passed as I got ready and left for work. But just a few hours later I got another ache that felt suspiciously like hunger. That was confusing. I had a pretty hardy breakfast. Burgers and sweet potatoes.

I noshed on stale pretzels and some popcorn at work. Worked for me. It wasn’t nearly as busy as yesterday, but in spurts, it did pick up to a minor case of pandemonium. But I’m pretty sure I got membership #10! BOOYAH! So on my second solo-cup full of popcorn, I realized the ache was really in my chest again. Hrm…what is going on with you, body? Well I was mostly able to ignore it because I noshed slowly throughout the afternoon and had to deal with both giddy children and parents and then giddy children and not quite so pleased with their outing parents. I even turned down the extra popcorn left over. Go girl! Just enough to satisfy til you can get the good stuff! But when I left, I refocused my brain because it didn’t tell me I was hungry.

I went to Angie’s Beauty where I hoped I could still snag some super cheap jewelry. That sale probably ended months ago. Haha! But I got a $6 ring and a $10 wig. Win! The wig is so cute! I put it on as soon as I got home and wore it through a Skype conversation and a half. No shame in my game! And yes, skyping the mama and papa and then skyping the boyfriend was more important than The Walking Dead. I’ll catch up tomorrow. For now, I found my lady’s base look! AND cute geek chic glasses? AND got my ballroom shoes ordered?? Heaven! I took a quick picture to get some feedback and for something to get on my social network sites, but once I get the bangs trimmed right, I’ll be all set with that. I don’t even think I’ll need the alligator clips anymore for the tiara. Oh wig. You’re splendid. Now people can take all the pictures they want at the Debut-Tease!

Then I started to feel icky again. I could guess towards the end of the day it was real hunger lightly settling in, but it didn’t creep up until late. Late eating might bring back the heartburn ache, and I am so very over that. I’ll be eating some delicious breakfast that’s for sure. And I will eat two solid meals a day even if my stomach doesn’t immediately say, “Hey Brenna? Food is your friend, believe it or not. And I know you’re busy and distracted by rhinestones, but …uh…meal time?” And I apologize that I didn’t do so today being distracted by said rhinestones and wigs and social media. Sorry, body. Let’s balance this out.


  • BREAKFAST: Two burgers, roasted sweets
  • SNACK: Cup of pretzels, 2 cups of popcorn

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