On Today’s Menu: November 18, 2013

I did things today! On my day off! And I ate things today! Like a normal human being! I ate two pieces of chicken and one burger patty for breakfast around 9am. This was immediately following my morning zombie fix. There is simply no excuse for letting an episode of The Walking Dead go more than one evening without being watched. Unless you’re considering downgraded your cable which may not allow you access to AMC any longer…I hate being a poor kid. Anyway, I had breakfast while watching The Talking Dead and scrolling around Facebook.

Today was actually heavily spent on the computer. That sounds like a bad thing, but it’s not! I did two loads of dishes and multi-tasked with working on my burlesque social media. After toiling in circles for a while, I now have my Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ in place. And even followers! AAHH! Life! It’s happening right before my eyes! Took a pretty snazzy picture yesterday too so I also have a profile picture for all three. Oh yeah. Gettin’ shiz done! And posting a lot from these new pages. Making a name for myself that I don’t even know I’ll most definitely want to continue. Although it does seem like I’m pretty excited about this, doesn’t it? 😛

A lot of these accomplishments were finished by like 1pm and I was getting peckish. I snacked on the whopper candies. I don’t know why the rice crackers are unappealing to me right now. The idea of crunching into them is just kind of unpleasant in my head for some reason. But as I figured, those 6 little malted milk balls got me through another six hours. Body, you are awesome. Thank you. I apologize that I will certainly be putting bad things into your guts soon, but I’ll do my best to control myself. But those Krispy Kreme s’mores are happening again. End of story.

I also posted my first theatrical review to Thoughts on Theatre. Definitely check it out. It’s done Aristotle-style, breaking down the 6 elements of theatre. So you get a lesson with your review. If you’re in the Atlanta area, come see Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer before it sells out! And buy a membership from me! 😉

Only problem with being distracted by social media? Burning your side dish for dinner. I just can’t get side dishes right lately. Huh. Well, I’m sure even crispy over roasted sweet potatoes are just fine. …but not so much for burnt sweet potatoes. Maybe sitting in the fridge will bring out the last meager morsels of liquid to make them a little less…poorly done potato chip. Because I AM NOT wasting sweet potatoes.

I needed the energy anyway. I danced my butt off the rest of the night rearranging my number. No more hoodie! It’s too hot! Ain’t nobody got time for that! …the wig isn’t going to help matters either. However, it’s too cute to give up. Bubble is going to trim the bangs for me on Friday! I am so very ready to rock, ladies and gentlemen!


  • BREAKFAST: Two chicken legs, one burger patty
  • SNACK: Whoppers candies
  • DINNER: Burgers and roasted(?) sweet potatoes

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