On Today’s Menu: November 19, 2013

I like giving myself a full hour and a half in the morning. I had time to shower, dress, eat what I call breakfast, check my social media, wash my plates and forks from this morning and last night, AND fix my bra rhinestones that fell off last night! That is a successful morning in my book! …what? Doesn’t everyone rhinestone a bra first thing in the morning?

Work was slooooow. I mean, there’s what to do in the office: contract calls, sporadic phone calls, filing, other office activities. Our Rudolph puppeteer lost her voice after the first show today and because the audience just happened to be super duper tiny, we canceled the show. Of course we compensated our guests, but that just made today even slower. Six hours still managed to basically fly by. I started getting that bored hunger pain, but by 2:30 I think it’s safe to say it was real hunger. Why does the universe time itself so I can’t eat the free stuff at the Center on days that I actually really want it?

I hurried home to nom on some burgers, forgetting I only had one burger left with my toasted to a crisp sweet potatoes. …I know I said I wouldn’t waste them but…they’re getting a bit unbearable, especially when they’re all I have as a side dish. I also called Gluten Free Cutie and now there will be apple pie and herb stuffing waiting for us on Saturday!! I’M SO EXCITED FOR PIE! And we’re going shopping Saturday as well for food and ingredients for MORE PIE!! And while I surfed my social media again (I’m really much too excited about this double life I lead. 😉 ) I did laundry! And I cooked food so I would have it for tomorrow and Thursday! And I realized I’m not finishing NaNoWriMo this year! …oh wait. That was isn’t good. Well my friend and I decided to do our own NaNo another month. I think I am enough in love with this story that I won’t abandon it. I just have too many interests that pull me too many ways. We already had this conversation about sitting to do one thing and feeling unproductive about other things.

I did sit for a while to continue working on my bra. I swear I had a plan for these rhinestones, but it got led astray in a flurry of sparkle and glue. Honestly, at first all I wanted was to dress in the beautiful costumes. Gosh the costumes I’ve seen are tremendous! Now I see how much effort and time go into making them so tremendous! My neck hurts…but it’s so worth it. All the while, my stomach was saying, “Hey Brenna. You realize one burger patty and most of a small batch of burnt sweet potatoes won’t satisfy me, right?”

To which I replied, “Yes, I know. But you’ll make it til tomorrow morning. And we shall feast like kings on that coconut crusted meatloaf. So hush up! I’m busy with sparkly things!”

And he said, “But…okaaay.”

And we got along just fine for the rest of the night.


  • BREAKFAST: Burgers, roasted sweet potatoes
  • DINNER: One burger, roasted sweet potatoes

Don’t worry. Tomorrow’s menu will be more interesting. Thursday will be even more so because MY MOMMY IS COMING TO VISIT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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