On Today’s Menu: November 20, 2013

“Early to bed, early to rise…” So true. More time in the morning means I got breakfast, continued rhinestoning my bra, AND I got to watch some morning news. I think it’ll take a little more effort to get me to wash dishes by hand after every meal. Speaking of morning meal, my meatloaf turned out the loafy-est I’ve ever made meatloaf. It was like biting into meat bread! Which I guess makes sense. Basically there wasn’t enough meat for the amount of coconut flour I used. It’s a bid dry. But that can be fixed. Just needs sauce of some kind. Believe me, it’s much more bearable than the burnt sweet potatoes. ::sigh::

Slowest. Four. Hour. Shift. Ever. And today isn’t even the day my family comes into town! What on Earth is tomorrow going to be with a six hour shift AND my mom meeting me at home??? It wasn’t too bad today. I stayed an extra half hour too just to make sure Anthony wasn’t totally alone in the office. That just screams bad news. But it certainly wasn’t last Saturday. That day flew! I think only two slices of my mini meat bread wasn’t quite enough. I wasn’t aching and dying of starvation. Far from it. But I could definitely go for lunch when I got out of work.

For whatever reason I was craving some french fries. That should be simple enough to resolve, right?

Brenna, go buy some french fries. Or go to Kroger and buy a bag of frozen fries. “No! I don’t want  a whole bag lingering in the house and I don’t want to pay a lot.” Well, Brenna, you could also just get a bag of frozen veggies to go with– “Wait! I have coupons for Wendy’s! What if I just buy lunch today? It’s not big deal. And then I’ll get the fries!” But Brenna, you only want fries. Why not just buy the fries and eat them with one of your entrees? “Because this also makes my cooked meals last longer!” But you have your mom coming down and you’re going out to eat a lot. They’ll last. “Yes, but now they’ll last even longer! Meatloaf and chicken last forever! And what if I’m hungry at home?” What about your budget? “This will be counted towards December. That’s all. Boom! I’m doing it!” But–! “Uuuuuugggggggghhhhhh!!!!!!! Why did I just buy two burgers and fries even with the bogo coupon?? And I ate the bun!! I JUST WANTED FRIES!! Body, why do you always cave??”

…really, Brenna? You’re going there? Shut up, fool, and eat your burgers and fries. Enjoy your bathroom vacation.

And that’s how it went. Except I only ate one burger with my medium fries. I wonder how a microwaved Wendy’s burger will taste for breakfast.

Anyway, the rest of today was spent cleaning the apartment again, kitchen included this time. Most of it anyway. I also just about finished rhinestoning, and I got to more of the important laundry. Woo! I’m so ready to have mom here tomorrow! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN’T WAIT! …ow. Cramp. Damn burger buns and your vile tempting ways. …I’m still probably going to eat the other burger too because it’s such a pain in the butt to pick apart a fastfood burger. Now Vortext for dinner on Friday, THAT I can pick apart. Because I’ll have a fork and knife. And because their burgers are delicious and the buns are enormous and I’d probably puke if I ate it. I also wouldn’t have room for the delicious burger.

We kick off Thanksgiving weekend tomorrow, folks! Woooooo!


  • BREAKFAST: Two slices of meatloaf
  • LUNCH: Wendy’s burger, fries

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