On Today’s Menu: November 21, 2013


Yes. Fact.

So I started my day the money conscious way, paying for yesterday’s dinner snafu. I ate the second burger for breakfast, but I peeled off as much of the bun as I could. Basically only the breadiness stuck to the fake cheese was left. This might not have been such a bad idea actually. I feel inspired to eat well this weekend despite Thanksgiving feasting and mini vacation feasting. The only thing I promised the boyfriend was Krispy Kreme s’mores. That’s totally happening. But I expect to feel like I did this morning: like a 24 hour flu hut me for about an hour. Body, why are you so good to me?

Oh yes. Self-preservation.

Good day at work, all things considered. My mom sent me a selfie of her in my apartment to tell me she arrived. Yes, my mom can rock a selfie. It was especially slow at work after that. Thankfully there was nothing to boredom-eat. I was a bit hungry around 1:30 and Katie bought me a bag of chips. My co-workers rock. I’m also trying to convince her to go to POC seeing how she and her boyfriend are gamers. Queue shameless plugs.

Random thought: Did I mention a cute rodent was on the train tracks yesterday just as the Eastbound was arriving? It was. I hope it found a nook and survived. I was terrified I’d hear it squeal its horrible final squeal. I’m hoping it just lived as opposed to the roaring of a the train drowning it out.

THEN I GOT HOME AND HAD DINNER WITH MY MOM!!! We went to Outback which never fails to serve some great food. Could’ve been timelier, but it was delicious! I was craving some fish and salad. I actually ate the whole side salad. I held back on eating a lot of the bloomin’ onion. Hah! In your face, carb craving! Instead I had a buttery, brown-surgary baked sweet potato. Could’ve done without the brown sugar, but it was so yummy! And the salmon was just a hint dry, but the honey glaze made up for it. Now there’s lots of bloomin’ onion left in my fridge that hopefully I won’t eat the majority of it. That’s what boyfriends are for. There are also a ton of other goodies in my fridge for Sunday and now I have pumpkin hershey’s kisses and pumpkin kit-kats too! I promise to try not to scarf those down either. I missed my mama so much! And I miss my family and friends. This is really more difficult than I ever imagined back in May so I will cherish this weekend!

Another super fabulous burlesque class tonight taught by the wonderful The Chameleon Queen! We got to play with props AND have a chat/therapy session. I work with such spectacular women. Like seriously. And they called me skinny! Whaaa–?? πŸ˜› I also think I need to work a parasol into my act somehow. Why? Because reasons!

Lastly, I just want to note that I made an interesting observation this evening. Outside comments are very insightful when you only see things from the inside. I apologize if I make it seem like I’m starving or really struggling with anything I can’t handle or something like that. Yes, I try to ration out my food so that I can stretch a budget because I only have to worry about myself. Yes, I don’t eat three square meals a day for various reasons. One is I’m not hungry for three meals. Another does go back to the budget thing. But I am never without food to eat. I limit it sometimes, sure, again because I’m on a budget. I’m living on my own for the first time and I’m figuring out what works and what doesn’t work for me. I’ve also been fighting with how much money I’d actually earn at the end of a given month and how much I really had to spend.

Eating fast food is something I want to avoid even to stretch a groceries budget, but I won’t realize until too late that my budget didn’t allow for that one extra item on my list when I need to shop veggies twice a month rather than once. When you realize last minute that the broccoli didn’t last or that you wasted your spinach or that head of lettuce was too much for one little lady, you need quick adjustments. My immediate response is “EAT LESS AND MAKE WHAT YOU HAVE COUNT!” Is that healthy? Probably not. But I also realize I’m not fully recovered from 10+ years of mental abuse towards myself from being overweight. I’m still working on it, but having so much self reliance by living on my own and now having beautiful supportive women work with me on this daring new burlesque adventure and having the love and support of my friends and family and boyfriend has worked wonders. This second job was a HUGE boost up for me and I can’t say I’ve been truly unhappy since getting it. Maybe I’m forgetting a recent post? I don’t know. I’m in such a good mood that I don’t care. πŸ™‚ The future is looking bright!

So I guess what I am saying is thank you for the concerns I’ve heard based upon my posts. I didn’t realize the image I was portraying despite doing my best to explain my day and why I’ve eaten what I’ve eaten. It means you’re reading my posts and it means you give damn, which will never go unappreciated by me. I’m going to keep a closer eye on making sure I get at least two meals, with or without side dishes that seem to hate me, and that I’m being kind to myself openly and inwardly. This is a blog meant to show people what it’s like to live the clean lifestyle outside of the success stories I’ve read. This is the between the lines of the success stories because I have no doubt I’m heading for success. So it’s not always glamorous. Politics and economy and living on my own don’t make it easier, but they make this real life. Clearly I’ve got a few things to tweak. Thank you for the notes!

To get started, I’m a bit peckish after class so I’m killing the leftover salmon and shrimp! But not the bloomin’ onion! πŸ˜‰


  • BREAKFAST: Wendy’s burger
  • SNACK: BBQ Kettle chips, a hershy’s kiss, a mini kit-kat
  • DINNER: Salmon and shrimp, bloomin’ onion, side salad

Actually I did pretty well today!

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