On Today’s Menu: November 27, 2013

Nothing like starting your day applying makeup twice. It’s not like I should be surprised. My apartment is mighty quiet with just me in it. Just me and the echoes of a whirlwind visit. It doesn’t seem right that five days can go by, be some of the most cherished days of your life, and then vanish like they never happened.

Well anyway, before I need to reapply my makeup yet again, the weather outside was frightful! And a fire would be delightful. But since I have places to go, let it snow…well really it was just gloomy by the time I left the house, but my phone said sleet! I have zero degrees Kelvin faith in MARTA in bad weather so I caught an earlier train, which didn’t leave time for breakfast. No problem. My innards were revolting from yesterday’s junk so I wasn’t hungry. I was going to bring in the leftover doughnuts, but I left them on the counter. I guess on s’mores won’t kill me. I did promise myself one.

A good, quick day at Puppetry. There was turkey and stuffing and cranberry sauce! Real food! It’s okay if I eat real food, right? No cranberry sauce though. I also have leftovers from Daddy D’z for lunch. Probably should’ve save it. Then I wouldn’t have bought a box of Enjoy Life brand chocolate chip cookies from Sevananda. Oops. So good though. Anyway, the last thirty minutes vanished on a single phone call talking to a patron about what the most cost effective ticket choice would be, comparing very specifically between regular tickets, increased Rudolph regular tickets, member tickets, and increased Rudolph member tickets. Seriously, I had my calculator out and everything. I swear I was willing to let it go. She first said she didn’t want the membership but she kept tossing around how she could spend the least amount of money. I don’t blame her. So I mentioned the membership again and how she would only be paying more on this one transaction because of the flat member fee. Then she’d be saving money for every other show.

Thankfully I wound up with the membership in the end. But damn! My ear! 29 minutes! A new record!

I think part of why I chose to walk up to Sevananda on that blustery day was for the walk. I don’t walk nearly enough with my two sitting jobs. I get about 20 minutes going back and forth to Puppetry. I’ll get another 20 for Horizon. That’s all. My body reacts positively to the subtle workout. I passed an hour in the store not buying what I meant to buy which was too expensive, but rather I go the cheaper chocolate chunks (Enjoy Life brand, of course!) and the cookies. All I need are almond flour and coconut milk for my desserts! But the stores will be suicide tomorrow…I might have to tough it out. Pumpkin pie and cookies need me!

I slowly but surely found my groove back at Horizon after a small forgotten password scare. The code works, man! I figured out my password thanks to my code! I also devoured the 12 cookie pack over the course of the evening. I was nervous and excited and I got to stay for extra hours to help clean. I’m sure I’ll regret the cookies. In the mean time, YUM! And a good first double duty day! Back into the grind!

So all day long I’ve just wanted to write. Since almost being blown over this morning, I’ve had U:RS stuck in my head. This is a sign that my muse is on her way back. She felt like napping during NaNoWriMo, but she’s awake in time for Thanksgiving. Thanks, muse. Let’s just get back to work, shall we? No? We’re going to be moody and drink and eat dinner and dessert right before bed? We’re going to ignore the heartburn ping?

No, no. That’s cool. Let’s go to bed and see how this plays out.

[future Brenna: IT ENDS BADLY!]


  • LUNCH: pulled pork, greens, que wraps, stuffing, turkey
  • SNACK: Enjoy Life chocolate chip cookies, half chocolate chunk cookie
  • DINNER: Baked chicken, greens
  • SNACK: Chocolate

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