On Today’s Menu: November 28, 2013 Thanksgiving

Happy day of particular thankfulness for whatever reason!

All I wanted was some friggin almond flour and coconut milk. That really shouldn’t be much to ask for. I rolled myself out of bed so I could get some bright and early around 10. I wanted to have something to bring to the Thanksgiving party this evening. But no. The farmers market was closed. I might’ve known. I realize a lot of places say they’ll be closed on Thanksgiving. It takes making the the mistake on your own for it to sink in. Yay big girl lessons! Kroger had what I needed though.

I baked for hours this afternoon. It is so involved because I have a limited number of dishes to use. Multiple recipes at one time is a real challenge. I made the pumpkin pie bars first. It came out a bit too cinnamon-y, but I know I spilled a bunch of cinnamon while trying to fill the 1/2 tsp. Whoops. I need to lay off the cinnamon. It’s still a spice, I realize. Then I made the chocolate thumbprint cookies. Messy deliciousness. I hoped the thumbprinting part would work better this time since the dough was a little firmer. Turned out to be so firm that it broke a bit wen I pressed into it. I tried to pinch it back together, but everything is better when you pour chocolate on top of it so no worries. And lastly I made the chocolate chip cookies I’ve been trying to perfect for almost a year. I think I got it down (just need to make smaller cookies or else they become a big cookie blob in the tray) but they need to be sweetened better. They’re just plain bland. So I’ll jack ’em up next time.

The desserts were supposed to be for the orphan Thanksgiving party to which I was invited, but it wasn’t in the cards to go tonight. Just couldn’t fight the introvert feelings to recharge by myself tonight so I can ease into tomorrow’s 10 hour work shift. But I’ve got cookies to bring in for everyone so I don’t eat them by myself! And maybe I’ll bring the pumpkin pie bars, but again they’re just a hint too spicy so I don’t want people to not trust my baking because of one less than perfect dish. Reputation, man! I said I would have a good evening and I did. Sometimes you just need a little “me” time. I got all of that with a huge plate of Thanksgiving dinner and a huge plate of Thanksgiving dessert with a few glasses of rum and coke while I watch an Adventure Time marathon and write a bit and surprise Skype date with the boyfriend.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Here’s what happened in my kitchen today:


20131128_121305 20131128_121316 20131128_160409


20131128_141159 20131128_143853 20131128_143902 20131128_154506


20131128_160427 20131128_162202


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