On Today’s Menu: November 29, 2013

If you read my blog, you will see many of my shortcomings. You will see how ensconced (wc??) my reactions are in my past life of bad habits and self-loathing. You will also see me acknowledge these reactions and work to reverse them. It’s not easy, dude. For realsies.

This morning I tried to do what I thought was best for my body. Despite being stupid full from stuffing my face last night, I had a tiny breakfast because I knew I had a ten hour shift ahead of me. I would bring a lunch and I’d be fine. P.S. I forgot to bring lunch. But it didn’t matter, after just a few bites of breakfast, homemade meatloaf and greens, I got friggin’ heartburn! From good food! I even ate good food last night! So I was pretty peeved and mutter-y in public to suffer through the freezing cold AND through heartburn. Ever reliable MARTA sent a train to Kensington four minutes early so I was on time and still had to wait seventeen horrific minutes in the freezing cold and the chest agony. No. Bueno.

But the day quickly got better despite the heat being off at work til Gino could save the day. The heartburn faded over the next couple of hours, my chocolate thumbprint cookies were well received, I got 3 memberships (including one very patient man who makes me want to do all the maths in my head from now on), and I got pizza! No, I should not have eaten pizza, but again: free. I swear I even tried to just get wings or at least thin crust, but we had a limited amount of money to spend and I agreed to abide by a majority rule in the office. AGREED TO IT. That’s important to note. And I love pizza. 🙂

So once I could feel my stomach was fully settled, I very slowly ate a few slices. Very slowly. And my stomach didn’t revolt! So I may have had like 4 slices. And some clementines. And a few of my cookies. And a teeny piece (not even a full slice) of cheesecake someone made. Today was kind of like testing the waters. The burning that warns me to stop doing what I’m doing came back later. Nothing near unbearable, just kind of crampy and annoying. I didn’t notice on the train ride home. Probably because I was talking with my friend from work, which having someone to talk to on the train was a new experience in itself and quite distracting to bad things. But when I got home I wanted to try one of my chocolate macademia cookies dipped in coconut milk. Comfort food! And since my tongue was on a roll, I also had one (JUST ONE) pumpkin pie square. Mmmmm. Maybe I should get rid of those too…

And then Wil Wheaton disappointed me by insulting the good Dr. Paul AND a high protein breakfast! Such foolishness from that wonderful man. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. But Unspeakable Words looks like fun! And the boyfriend already bought it. Like he knew I’d like it. Or like he knew he liked it. I’ll just keep it schmoopy in my head. We did end up having an interesting discussion about money’s necessity in society. Now I have to watch the documentary he was watching tonight to see how they can fathom money not existing and not having some type of barter and trade in this fictional society.

But I got home late and crammed a lot of things into the last few hours of the day. Gotta go to bed and take on my second double duty shift. HUZZAH!


  • BREAKFAST: Meatloaf, greens
  • SNACK: Chocolate thumbprint cookies, cheesecake, clementines
  • LUNCH/DINNER: Four pieces Papa John’s pizza
  • SNACK: Chocolate chunk macademia cookie with coconut milk, pumpkin pie square

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