On Today’s Menu: December 1, 2013

Happy December!

Here is something worthwhile to note. Life is short. Life is beautiful. Life is full of surprises and wonderment and exploration and learning. Life is short. Short. Life should be enjoyed. So when you’re at the start of your life, when you’re taking your first wobbly steps out of the nest and into the big world where life begins, don’t turn down mac ‘n cheese that your mother makes you even if you eat clean. Mother’s mac ‘n cheese does not count as grain. It counts as heart-healthy love protein. So embrace mother’s mac ‘n cheese when your fridge would be lacking without it. Embrace it when you are making a budget work. Don’t make it yourself, but love your mother when she makes it for you.

I love you, mama!

This sentiment got me through a lot of dangerous sugary ventures today. I turned down leftover pizza on a super slow day at work. I took ONE of my chocolate thumbprint cookies mostly because I was anxious about them going bad. Regardless, I’m taking my container home on Tuesday. If I have to eat the last cookie, so be it. Today though I also snacked on a few clementines at Puppetry, but that was it for this afternoon.

At Horizon, I had my first training day. I didn’t even realize I was training someone. That’s one of the things about Horizon, and I love these folks to death, but sometimes information doesn’t quite travel at the speed of need. But no worries! Prep for box went really well. She knows her stuff, but she’s taking it slow as she’s getting used to it all. Box itself was a little chaotic. Thaaaaaaaaaanks third party sellers. But we survived the mania and learned from it so it shouldn’t happen again. We hope. But it was a bit stressful and my powers of “No” didn’t work against a rooster cookie. It worked against getting a second cookie though even when I was offered more because it’s Sunday and people don’t tend to want the older cookies. Me? I don’t discriminate against cookies and shame on you if you do.

I think the best part of the day, other than any time I get to text the boyfriend (yes, I’m a goddamn schmoop) was the conversation I had with my brother about that documentary I mentioned yesterday. It may have started as looking for an excuse to have an intellectual conversation with him again (I do really miss that about being away from home) but it became a fascinating science fiction discussion about how technology can feasibly develop into such functional AI that it is indistinguishable from humans and thus could comprehend self-ownership and rights. And then we’d be bartering and trading and engaging in mutually beneficial transactions with the very technology we created! AH! We’re going to have these conversations on the surface of the sun!

I love my brother.

I got home and ate a proper dinner in hopes of counteracting the sugar and carbs of the day. My low carb plate consisted of meatloaf, ham, and greens. Yes, greens are the side de jour lately because they’re already made and my kitchen exploded since my mama and the boyfriend left. Whoops. But tomorrow is my day off and cleaning will be done as well as hopefully some sewing and dancing. Gotta get back in the groove. Showcase is in a month and a half!!

Managed to double team skyping the boyfriend AND watching the midseason finale of The Walking Dead. I HATE MIDSEASON FINALES! THAT’S BULL! Somebody better have saved that baby or I WILL BE PISSED in February! But I also ate pumpkin pie squares and a cookies while drinking a few Woodchucks…it’s my weekend. I’ll do what I want.



  • BREAKFAST: Macaroni and cheese
  • SNACK: Clementines, chocolate thumbprint cookie, rooster cookie
  • DINNER: Ham, meatloaf, greens
  • SNACK: Pumpkin pie squares, cookie

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