On Today’s Menu: December 2, 2013

Day’s off are great for being either super productive or super lazy. There’s definitely a middle ground, but I rarely find it. Unless I’m sporadically super productive and then super lazy throughout the day. I think that’s what happened today.

I sewed my organza trim on my costume today while watching Dr. Who. Only afterwards did I realize how vital the elastic is for fitting a size small pair of panties on this body. I’m not very big, but I’m not small. I can get away with the bra, but that’s it. So I’m going to need to redo that and get some expert costuming advice before I take a second stab at it. My calendar arrived today! It’s smaller than I wanted just as I feared. I may have to buy a bigger one on my own and just use this one as a personal calendar. I can totally use it that way. It’s big enough for that.

I also ate. A bunch. Even though I was determined to have an adjusted IF day. Nope. I can’t say no to food when I’m bored. That was frustrating. Especially because I let myself have more mac ‘n cheese for lunch so I wouldn’t snack. That was disappointing, and this became a day of not looking in the mirror. Not a fun feeling when 1) my one year primal-versary is coming up and 2) my showcase is coming up in a month.

Speaking of showcases, I did some more rehearsing for my number and I think the parasol will work as my other prop. And I even did a little writing. I wrote in my notebook on Sunday forgetting that there was a scene in chapter 3 that came before the part I started writing. Today I was working on that scene that leads to the one I started in the notebook. I got my sheets washed and washed the dishwasher before doing a load of dishes. I also listened to the Devils game at at least a 50 second delay. When you update me later than Score Mobile updates me, you’re slow. Unfortunately my men lost after leading for most of the game. I hope they get that winning streak back. Maybe my Marty shrine needs some more attention and love.

That was my day off. Exciting, right? Bored eating and then some activities in between. I clearly need to learn how to deal with days off. If I had some company, I’m sure I’d be better. But that’s life and the choices that come with it. One day. Maybe soon, but no rush. 🙂


  • SNACK: Clementine
  • LUNCH: Macaroni and cheese, ham, stuffing
  • SNACK: Chocolate macademia cookies, pumpkin pie squares,
  • DINNER: Lasagna

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