On Today’s Menu: December 3, 2013

I started off strong today. I wasn’t hungry for anything much for breakfast so I just had a few slices of ham. I’m finally down to the second container. Still so much ham. :3 But I packed what I was going to eat as lunch. So far so good. Got to work and there was still one last thumbprint cookie so I ate it. Just so I could take my container back home already. But after that I started feeling randomly nauseated. I was okay when I wasn’t on the phone. Once I had a prolonged period of talking to a patron on the phone, I felt sick again. First instinct is to blame the cookie. Must’ve gone bad.

In the fridge? No.

Then I remembered something. I’m probably just really dehydrated. Guys, water is the source of life. Don’t take it for granted while you’re focused on trying to eat right. Drinking enough is just as important. When you don’t drink enough water, you don’t get to stay late at work for a couple extra hours on the time card. There’s a lot to focus on when it comes to living healthy. My main three are eating, sleeping, and drinking enough water. Forgot about the last one. I’ll be back on track tomorrow! In the mean time, my brain is mistaking thirst for hunger and boredom. Bad cycle to be in. Needless to say I did quite a bit of snacking this afternoon. Hence the “I started off strong.” I need to occupy myself. I need to start kittening some shows. Getting my name out there and getting out of the apartment for fun things and not just work.

Got home and finished the first season of Dr. Who. I’ve been dragged kicking and screaming into watching this show. We’ve come to an agreement at this point. Although I don’t appreciate everyone taunting me with that creepy ass gas mask head kid! I slept with my lights on last night! But I should be okay tonight. I also got some more writing done. It’s a slow and steady thing. But rediscovering Pandora was certainly helpful. I didn’t think I needed music to write, but the right music makes the scenes fly off my fingertips! Liberty just got buried in a pile of pillows. Yup. She’s learning life lessons. And after Atlanta School of Burlesque made some last minute changes to the schedule, I was able to get my shift covered. Didn’t want to miss out if I didn’t have to. Turned out I had to anyway. Oh well. Can’t miss the smoothing out the edges class! Everything is suddenly happening so fast!

And hockey! Blackhawks vs. Stars. Two players got in a fight and the linemen tried to break it up before the players were ready to end it. One lineman took a few hits and then ended up tackling the Chicago player to the ice. Whoa. Someone from Prudential Center called me today. I thought she was gonna tell me I won the tickets to the Stadium series, but alas, it was just marketing. Doesn’t help much since I don’t live in NJ anymore. I’ll be watching the Stadium series though. Probably at Fox and Hound with the boyfriend. And it will be a glorious and drunk evening!


  • BREAKFAST: Slices of ham
  • SNACK: Chocolate thumbprint cookie
  • LUNCH: Chicken, greens, GF stuffing
  • SNACK: Whoppers candy, pumpkin kisses, pumpkin kit-kats, Enjoy Life brand chocolate chunk pieces

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