On Today’s Menu: December 6, 2013

Sorry about my laziness for posting the last few days. Well really it was just Wednesday. Yesterday I had class so I was out late and I was much too excited when I got home. Had to plan out a satisfactorily cute/sexy costume as a just in case. Did I mention I’m terrible at planning and my mouth gets me in trouble often? Well I am doing a wee bit of rescheduling, and you know what? Turns out that’s just fine with me. Clearly I have priorities that want me to embrace something new over something that gives me such of the negative kind of anxiety.

Vague? Yes. 🙂 That part isn’t about food so don’t worry about it.

The last two nights I’ve been pretty bad about late night snacking. Wednesday night after posting, I suddenly freaked out. Not entirely sure over what. All I knew was that there was a culmination of things that were terrifying me and I resorted to my old friend food to calm me down. It was weird because I was perfectly reasonable in terms of understanding what I was doing, but I could not stop myself from eating. Definitely need to work on that. Otherwise though, I’ve been pretty good about my meals lately. I’ve avoided snacks at the puppetry center. I caved last night because I didn’t plan that one so well. I had three little cupcakes that one of my burlesque class ladies brought in. But I was pretty hungry by then and hadn’t eaten since about 2. Thought I prepared, but I guess I forgot it was gonna be a really late night.

Um, there was a beautiful puppy on the corner outside my apartment complex yesterday! It was drizzling and windy, though still warm, and I pray to the cosmic boogieman that someone helped it! I felt so terrible that I didn’t stop because I was running to catch a train. I called the nearest animal hospital and tried to leave a message and I called a courtesy officer. I hope some kind of sign reaches me that that sweet puppy is okay.

No more sad talk! Back to the good stuff!

I ate breakfast and then got right to work! Sewing and dancing and sewing and ripping stitches and dancing and sewing. Phew! So worth the tedium. And some Dr. Who thrown in the mix. And the rest of the bag of Enjoy Life brand chocolate chips. Yeah, that happened. They’re really good and I was waiting for the mail and I got bored and I got nervous about my routine and I wanted to pass the time til Game Night and–! UGGGHH! Chocolate! At least it’s Enjoy Life brand.

I fought all day to not snack. I wasn’t hungry, but I don’t know why I was bored. Maybe it wasn’t boredom. It felt a lot like boredom though, but I sewed and did some social media stuff and ran through my routine and got some more prop and costume stuff today. But all day I’ve just been really bored. Or maybe emotional? Or because I was waiting for the mail and stopped myself from going out to do productive important things. And then Game Night was later than I thought which sucked to have less time with my friends. Yeah, I’m sure there’s lingering hormones and some nonsense like that.

Thing is, when I get in super snacky mode, I just want to go to bed to ignore it. Then when I wake up, the hunger will be legitimate. So then I was just really tired and kind of irritable. And then I was just sad. And kinda lonely. No bueno. It’s that avalanche of feels. Not cool when it’s running down the dark side of the mountain. So bedtime was filled with feels. Luckily, I have a boyfriend who makes my feels feel better. 🙂


  • BREAKFAST: Ham, mac n’ cheese
  • SNACK: Clementines
  • DINNER: GF Dominos pizza
  • SNACK: Cheese shreds, pistachios, chocolate chunks

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