On Today’s Menu: Saturday, December 7, 2013

Didn’t get enough sleep. That’ll happen when feelings keep you awake til your body just revolts and throws you into sleep. Sleep would have been nice since today was a long two shift day. Again, I prepared.

Again, not well.

Killed the GF pizza for breakfast and packed ham and greens for lunch. I think being at the window helped the time fly so hunger didn’t get my attention til after 1. But then I was a wee bit uncomfortable so I ate what was meant to be late lunch early dinner to get me through Horizon’s shift. I think today was also a hydration issue. I swear I brought two water bottles and one just vanished! So after lunch I also ate two sugar cookies that were downstairs. And then nabbed two more on my way out. Bah.

I think Horizon’s excuse was just that it was a surprisingly smooth shift for being sold out! Literally everything ran smoothly. Even the hiccups were smooth! Cooperative people showed up last minute or messed up an order, thus cooperative people were on my waiting list. Fantastic! So I guess I rewarded myself with a peppermint brownie? I shouldn’t have, but I was also going to be really hungry by the time I got home and I would rather skype the boyfriend than worry about being hungry late at night.

Yup. Good choice, Brenna. Skyping the boyfriend was muuuuuch better than worrying about hunger. And good feels are muuuuuuch better than lonely sad feels. Especially good feels that come from meaningful conversation. P.S. My boyfriend is pretty darn awesome and the January visit is just 46 days away!

You know what else is pretty darn awesome? Sudden insight about costume choice. Especially exhilarating insight about something you swore you wouldn’t do! AH! I’m so nervous for next class but soooo excited too! I hope my shoes arrive soon! And my robe! Uggh! Where are they?? I need to put them on so I can take them off!


  • BREAKFAST: GF pizza
  • LUNCH: Ham, greens
  • SNACK: Sugar cookies, peppermint brownie

I love when the written out menu looks better than I pictured it in my head. I just felt like I was maintaining the sensation of full all day so I felt like I was stuffing myself with junk. Yay today! But we can do better! Let’s go!


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