On Today’s Menu: December 8, 2013

Grok is not amused. Actually Grok couldn’t give less of a damn since he’s no longer with us, but I am not amused. See, my brain knows there’s still some leftovers in the fridge. Cooked leftovers of things not likely to go bad for a while. Not all of these cooked leftovers are so good for me. But regardless, I won’t have time to go to the farmers market for a bit so I had bachelorette mac n’ cheese for breakfast. Take 2 cups cooked noodles from Thanksgiving. Throw it in a bowl. Add two handfuls of cheese of choice. Stick in the microwave for 1:30. Voila! Bachelorette mac n’ cheese! Bad for the guts; good for the quick meal.

Work flew by today. Even with me locked out of the back computer for a while. I was only there for about three and a half hours. Then I went right to Horizon and walked into the end of Madeline’s Christmas as the crowd of children and parents came out. It was weird to have such a quick turn over between shows. I was AHM tonight and really had no idea what I was supposed to do because the Apprentices are working AHM duties as well. Hey, I’m cool with crowd control. No worries there. I just need to adjust my budget to take the shorter AHM shifts into consideration. Also need to watch myself as I sit in dessert heaven. Oh. My. God.

Yes, I ate a bunch of broken cookie pieces and yes I had a brownie. Life, dude. Life. But I’m also very good at selling the concessions though. My patrons leave satisfied. šŸ˜€

I got home and Tease Tuesday was on my mind and if I was going to get to help. Good thing I double checked Facebook. Apparently the first message I sent on Thursday wasn’t seen! Argh! But I just resent it and hoped for the best. Yay! Heard back from Katherine and got in touch via email. Now it’s a wait and see. I hope it’s not common to do last minute planning like this. Or maybe I just need to always keep Tuesday and Thursday nights free. I got an awesome outfit planned and I really really really wanna wear it!

I went to bed with that terrifying ache in my chest that usually precedes heartburn. Prayed for the best with that.


  • BRUNCH: Bachelorette mac n’ cheese
  • SNACK: Chocolate covered pretzel, cookie pieces, brownie

When I eat crap, I guess at least I don’t eat too much of it.


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