On Today’s Menu: Thursday, December 12, 2013


Why yes, I did text her happy birthday. While I did say I was going to do it as soon as I got to work, I did not forget entirely and was totally going to text her without a reminder about it. I’m not a complete failure and wretch of a grandchild.

I had a terrible dream last night. It wasn’t quite zombies, but the dead-like human things weren’t going to just hug me if they caught up to me. Chasing. Worried about something in real life. Duh. So I got ready for work fairly quickly this morning thanks to some planning the night before. The rest of the time was spent on packing up my burlesque costume and props. Today’s the first time putting it mostly together for the ladies. I packed everything in my Burlesque Box and put it in my trunk. Breakfast? Nah. Morning snack of ham and mashed sweets. That’s all I need to get me through 1pm. Good thing I resisted fast food yesterday. It’s happening today. Oh Thursday.

The biggest annoyance of the morning was realizing I’d have to drive into and out of Atlanta tonight despite my 4-day MARTA pass. I simply can lug my big box and calendar around all day. Also, I bought a 4-day pass when I don’t work on Friday. $3 I could’ve saved. But that turned out for the best because I can take MARTA in for the holiday party after work tomorrow! And Anthony bought my ticket so I can go to Dad’s Garage with him, Katy, and her boyfriend after the party! I’ll pay him back tomorrow. Just need to stop by an ATM.

Real quick gripe: I could not possibly care less if you want to smoke weed, but does it HAVE to be on the public transit? My only means of easily getting around? Because friggin monopolies?? Can you please be considerate, asshole?? This is what happens when the public (i.e. government) owns things. No one gives a damn about them.

Anyway, work went well today. The chocolate covered Macademia nuts were all stuck together. Oops. But I turned down chocolate truffles!! I grabbed a personal pizza for lunch and had sweet tea for the first time. Yum. It’s just tea with sugar. DaVinci’s made good pizza and sweet tea. Then I went back to Kensington, got my car, drove back to Atlanta and met Bubble at Wal-Mart. Quick shopping trip later and we were in Taco Bell sewing snaps on my button down. It’s a glamorous life we lead. And I did not partake of Taco Bell except to taste one of Bubble’s items. It was yummy! We got to the studio early and it turned out only performance track ladies were there for the 7pm class. So we just turned it into an extra hour of performance track. YAY!

So…my number isn’t quite what I want it to be as I now see. Leave it to Brenna to make things a crap-ton more complicated than it should ever be. ::sigh:: But the insight was exactly what I needed! I’m just terrible at taking criticism. Haha! So I have some adjustments to make. I just hope it won’t cost me another arm and leg. I really want my debut to be something spectacular and noteworthy. The other numbers are coming along so well! No one brought in a bad performance tonight! Some costume malfunctions, some “give me more!” here and “use your stage” there. It’s so fantastic to hear these notes from professionals who are looking out for us. That’s why I can’t be too upset that I didn’t get raving reviews. This was also the first time putting it on for others. CAJONES! Lola sent me a positively stunning video of Ula Uberbusen’s performance Beauty Queen as some inspiration for simple but powerful numbers. I watched it when I got home. Stunning. I just wanted to cry.

I didn’t want to take my song so literally, but as a first timer, I might have to for the sake of giving this performance my all. I’m conflicted. I don’t want to be forgettable, y’know? This is supposed to be my big moment of breaking free of how I used to live my life in the shadows of everyone around me. This is my chance to stand out because I’m really proud of myself and how I’ve grown this past year. I want that feeling, even if only for myself, when I perform in a month.

Golly I hope I can make this work! Luckily, I have some beautiful new friends who also want to see me succeed! Also, my dear darling friend Sheriff is back from her mission!!!!!!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!


  • BREAKFAST: Ham, mashed sweet potatoes
  • SNACK: Chocolate covered Macademia nuts
  • LUNCH: Personal pizza and sweet tea
  • DINNER: Rest of the personal pizza

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