On Today’s Menu: Tuesday December 10, 2013

Happy belated birthday to the best person that has ever walked into my life! Sorry to pick favorites, but he’s kinda my favorite. 😉 Couldn’t get around to a post last night because obviously Skyping until you’re both ready to collapse from exhaustion despite waking up early the next day is more important.

Was there even a day today before Tease Tuesday? I guess sort of kinda.

I got much too little sleep. Worth it. Work went fine. I tried eating brunch around 11:30, but for whatever reason I felt kind of sick afterwards. It was good food! Greens and chicken I finally baked. I baked it for like an hour so it wasn’t bad chicken. I was uncomfortable for the rest of the shift.

The nausea passed and a headache took its place. I dealt with that while grabbing some last minute makeup and Long John Silver’s for dinner. Yup. Eat more crap. No, that totally makes sense. But strangely enough it didn’t make me feel as bad as my brunch. Clearly this is a sign. I just don’t know what it means yet. But I’m pretty determined to get back on track as my one year Primal-versary approaches.

I’ve never felt so glamorous while clumsily putting on makeup. The end result was so much better than I expected! Other than fighting with a hairflower, I looked GOOOOOD! And I rocked my persona all night and finally got to schmooze with the performers who are super nice and wear sexy, weather-inappropriate clothes! It was absolutely worth getting home at 1am to sleep at 1:30 and be awake at 7am. It was also worth the brownie and a half that Ruby Redmaybe bought me and Roula Roulette had extra. I split it with Chad Sanborn. It was for a good cause!  Helping a “sparkle sister” with the deductible since her car was broken into. So I eat for a good cause.


  • BRUNCH: Baked chicken and greens
  • DINNER: Fish, potato wedges, mashed potatoes, hush puppies
  • SNACK: 1 1/2 brownies (in all honesty, I chose a very small brownie)

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