On Today’s Menu: Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I was surprisingly mobile for less than 5:30 hours of sleep. Huh. I must’ve still been on an adrenaline rush from last night’s AMAZING show. I had an interesting moment when I got home and took off my hair and makeup. I still liked what I saw in the mirror. It was cool. Anyway, yeah, mornings. Gross.

I got to work and was mostly functional! My voice needed time to heal which makes sales a little difficult. I got through it. Even got through a huge group sale that left us sold out already for a show in March. Today is Anthony’s birthday. It was also the day to bring cake for all the December birthdays. Did I eat cake? Well, yeah, BUT I did not even eat a whole piece. I ate some; I enjoyed it; I gave the rest away. That is a good step for me. Turning things around again?

The plan when I got home was to go to Wal-Mart and Angie Beauty for some important little items. Maybe I could also grab a robe since I found out mine won’t arrive until late December the earliest. Boo. And no dice. On anything. So leave it to me to start to panic and get irritable. But today became a work on that calendar prop day. The most import prop, y’know? I also fell asleep before shopping. I was so tired. LORDY! I mostly finished the calendar! And my shoes arrived! And they aren’t too small that I can’t wear them!

Tomorrow Bubble and I should be getting some last minute things before class. I love her! I love where my debut performance is headed! I also love chocolate. So I melted chocolate and tried to make chocolate coconut milk. Nope. It just solidified at the bottom. Science! Then I poured the rest over Macademia nuts. Yup. Chocolate. Not the good stuff, which is a shame. I’ll get more Enjoy Life brand when I can. I hope the nuts taste good tomorrow after sitting in the fridge.

Hah! You thought I ate more crap today. Only scraped up some melted chocolate. No biggie. Yay! But you’re gonna get worried about me again when I show you today’s menu. Don’t freak, okay? My body is clearly healing from junk influx and needs to have less junk entering it.


  • SNACK: Half a slice of birthday cake
  • DINNER: Baked chicken, broccoli (it was so nice to have different greens on my plate. 😉 )
  • SNACK: Chocolate covered Macademia nuts

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