On Today’s Menu: Friday December 13, 2013

I like sleeping in. It is nice to treat myself on occasion. But alas I had things to do. Laundry and baking and some striptease making. Calling my old bank to see what is “shaking”. Missing the boyfriend and playing with rings.

These are a few of my daily chore things.

(Future Brenna: Ya like that? Yeah. That’s what I do when I have a minute away from blaring phones at work on Saturday.)

I didn’t complete my laundry, but I got a load of dishes done so I could bake for the holiday party. The coconut fudge was super coconut-y. I like it though. The muffins were super chocolatey which just made them fabulous. I ended up being an hour off schedule in terms of MARTA so I couldn’t take time to figure out how to package the fudge. Grabbed the muffins and hit the road.

The party was fun! Chatting and eating and peppermint schnapps-ing! No, Brenna. That was a one time joke. Let it go.  POC came up in conversation and the education people I spoke to sound super psyched! Yay! The food was great. I did NOT eat much of anything that was bad. I was so proud! I had a small slice of rum bundt cake and I had the filling of a sliver of cheesecake. THAT’S IT! Go girl!! The rest was real food like meatballs and squash casserole and raw veggies. I shun you sweets! SHUN! And of course I had one more of my muffins which were a hit! I’m really just glad to finally get into the swing of being more social outside of work. And the show afterwards was hilarious! I was also a wee bit tipsy so good times were had. Anthony, Katy, her boyfriend and I saw Invasion Christmas Carol at Fabrefaction. It was basically half improv, Zorro was tonight’s invader, and it was just too funny. Between burlesque peeps and the cool puppetry peeps, I’m definitely getting this “social” thing figured out.

But alas, I got home with a telltale ache in my chest/stomach. I ate just one thing too many at the party and I guess despite that it was basically all good food all day and the last thing I ate was no later than 7:15pm other than finishing my hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps, my belly was dissatisfied.

(Future Brenna: It doesn’t end well.)


  • BREAKFAST: Baked chicken, broccoli and onions, mashed sweet potatoes
  • SNACK: Piece of coconut fudge, chocolate chip pumpkin muffin (you have to taste your creations before giving them to others!)
  • DINNER: Meatballs, squash casserole, ham slices, broccoli and carrot sticks, rum cake, cheesecake filling, chocolate chip pumpkin muffin

I’m gonna say the alcohol did me in. Maybe it makes my stomach even more sensitive. I don’t know. I’m supposed to be learning by writing these entries.


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