On Today’s Menu: Saturday December 14, 2013

Heartburn suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks. 3am heatburn sucks mooooooooooooooore. 3am heartburn when you need to be awake at 7am and didn’t get to sleep until 12:30am sucks moooooooooooooooooooooooooost!

Today was just super sluggish. Rainy and slow and ouchie. Got a headache while working the membership table so on top of standing around for an hour at a time (I should appreciate the opportunity to get off my butt) my head hurt for a while. I also thought I was supposed to work until 3, but I was only scheduled until 1. I also thought I was working box at Horizon so I could get home nice and early just to put today behind me, but I was working AHM, but still had to do some box duties because I promised I would and my friend was running a little late (with fair advanced warning), and it was just a chaotic day in my brain.

On the bright side, I got free lunch courtesy of the only large group we had today at puppetry! I gutted out a couple slices of a footlong sub from Firehouse subs which I wanted to try anyway. I also snagged a couple of bags of chips. The plain ones. No need for even more crap in my system. The canola oil is plenty, thanks. Uggh. But it was something simple to snack on and I saved it for Horizon since I knew I wouldn’t have eaten in a while after only eating sandwich innards around 2pm and a half of one of my muffins left over from the party. And I took some beads from the free table for my reimagined burlesque number! I wish I could take some cans, but they might be recycled to make a bit of money for the center. I’ll have to ask Lisa. …I work for two Lisa’s, one per job. Whoa.

Also, the time flew because I was so busy at horizon. I felt very in charge tonight. I consolidated cookies. I set up two concessions areas. I floated between box and the two concessions areas. I answered questions. I spoke to patrons. The best part was that I was complimented TWICE! I repeated an announcement about technical difficulties to the new influx of patrons who may have missed it. I apologized and promised we would get them inside ASAP. One woman looked at me and said, “Well we can’t be mad at her. She’s so sweet!” 😀 And I was working the concessions upstairs again and talking to a patron about what we offer and upselling and all that good retail stuff. The patron said to Kate, “She’s good at this!”

That gave me a nice feeling after a really painfully long day working on about four and a half to five hours of sleep and heartburn. And I got super cheap dinner from Wendy’s and got to Skype the boyfriend when I got home and sip my cider with cheer. But again, I think the alcohol is what did me in. I get sleepy when I drink. I didn’t eat a lot today so I guess even less than a shot of rum on top of being so ridiculously tired just made me completely incapable as a functioning human being once I got home. So I got to talk to him for a little before I started falling asleep in my chair. Definitely should not have moved to my bed, but I was cold. Then I was literally just falling asleep while I spoke. Not cool.

But I’m glad I finally got to see him. It had been a minute and I miss him.


  • BREAKFAST: Chocolate chip pumpkin muffin
  • SNACK: Tomatoes and baby carrots (I fought to not dip the carrots in a gross cheese spread just so they wouldn’t be so dry)
  • LUNCH: Ham and cheese from Firehouse subs (fought to not touch the sugar cookies and s’mores cake still leftover – it’s important to see where the struggles were)
  • SNACK: Kettle chips
  • DINNER: Jr. cheeseburgers sans buns (I can’t believe I didn’t get fries! Ah!)

Funny how I usually do pretty badly on days I’m feeling like poo. Today I just felt motivated say no. Like yesterday. Just one day of “No” is all it takes sometimes.


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