On Today’s Menu: Sunday December 15, 2013

HAPPY ONE YEAR PRIMAL-VERSARY!! I AM ON A ROLL! (but not a bread roll because that would defeat the purpose)

I shouldn’t have put my ring on this morning. It slipped on just fine and I knew it was because my hand constricts when it’s cold. But when it warms up again, that thing is NOT coming off. And so it was. Pretty ring. At least it’s stuck on my right ring finger. It may have caused problems otherwise.

Pretty slow day at Puppetry. I had a piece of coconut fudge and a snack bag of plain potato chips for breakfast. Maybe not the grandest of starts to my second year of clean eating, but it’s better than it could’ve been. Starting Friday I’ve been doing so well about turning down food I shouldn’t eat and picking up the stuff I know is okay. If you could see the things I didn’t even reach for…wow. And today there were three birthday parties, each one leaving a huge slab of cake behind. Didn’t touch even a morsel. No, that is not to sound holier than thou. That’s to say, “Look! I am fighting my addiction! If I did eat the cake and sweets and bready things, I would feel sick!” I did however take one of the Enjoy Life brand chocolate chip cookies. Small and delicious and doesn’t make me want to die. Yay!

Following work I went to Horizon to pick up my name tag before the holiday party. Did I take a cookie just because I could? NOPE. Went to the holiday party and was assaulted by appetizers, all fresh baked and piping hot and smelling like heaven. Did I nab the “just a few won’t hurt”? NOPE! I had some ham slices, some broccoli, cauliflower and carrot sticks, and I had water. I realize I should’ve asked for leftover cans of soda…whoops. #newbiecostumeproblems But it was a fun evening pretending like I know how to schmooze but really just talking to Kate, her husband, some of the regular volunteers and my co-workers throughout the party. I’m glad I went. Two holiday parties! I love my jobs!

Anticipating that I would have little if anything to eat at the party as I’m suddenly back in my clean eating ways, I asked dad if I could order some Chinese. Thanks to the boyfriend for dreaming of some beautiful combination of pepper steak and general Tso’s chicken and telling me about it this morning. I was going to order when I got home, but I was actually pretty satiated from veggies and ham so I immediately skyped my parents and then skyped the boyfriend. I just figured I either won’t end up ordering Chinese or I’ll order it tomorrow for lunch after grocery shopping. Because grocery shopping really needs to happen soon. Because I’m going to strangle the next chicken I see if I have to cook anymore chicken myself. I need beef, I need a better dishwasher, and I need a butler. End of story.

And the ring is still stuck on my finger.


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