On Today’s Menu: Monday December 16, 2013

I get really thrown off on days where I only work at Horizon. Not even at night, but in the afternoon. And all the weirder when I have to also schedule in a stop for gas. So my morning felt abbreviated, but still felt like relaxing time off. Strange.

I started putting together a grocery list. I’m going to do semi-monthly trips (did I use that term correctly this time, dad?) from now on so I can stop wasting veggies and stuff. I also think I’m going to try frozen, pre-cut veggies that are only $0.88 at Kroger. If I can save money on that, I think I can get a couple pounds of grass fed beef from the farmer’s market instead of CAFO beef. But it’s seriously $8/lb. Uggh. I hope it’s worth it.

Chinese food! Finally! I was probably a little greedy. Got chow mein, orange chicken, and pepper steak. That’ll definitely last me a few days. One came in a foam container, so boo to that, but I got two more plastic containers! I was also able to get 2 egg rolls or 2 cans of soda for my order over $25. I’m pretty sure I said egg rolls, but then it sounded like maybe I got both since the lady told me what types of soda they had. It was really difficult to understand her though. So I ended up just with soda. That just meant I didn’t get bready fried egg rolls, and I did get two more soda cans for my costume! Winning! Thank you, universe!

I ate lunch and watched Lilo & Stitch and Mulan. See? It was a really cozy, relaxing morning and afternoon, only to jump into getting ready for work smack in the middle of the day. Luckily work was fairly easy. I got there a little earlier than necessary, but I like to give myself an extra 30 minutes so I’m not rushed trying to count money and sort tickets which seems to take me far too long. And it’s super tedious. The only trouble came from one party of 20 that we almost missed entirely because they entered the theatre without their tickets somehow and from another group that was split between two names and the woman I spoke to claimed it was under the first name and only realized after causing panic that it was under another name.


I got home and skyped the boyfriend. Nearly gave me a damn heart attack! Then again I certainly don’t make matters easy on him being all the way down here. But the whole time I had this light burning in my chest again! Seriously? What the hell? I only had friggin’ grapes during my closing box duties! I didn’t even have any cookies or brownies! I didn’t even have the assorted gluten free Chex Mix! If I get heartburn over a bunch of grapes filling me up, I WILL SCREAM! I’m glad I decided not to push myself with more Chinese food when I got home. Day four of being on a roll! Yay start of a new clean year!

…yeah, yeah. Chinese food is full of MSG and crap. Get over it.


  • BREAKFAST: Coconut fudge
  • LUNCH: House special chow mein, orange chicken with broccoli, pepper steak with onions (samplings of all)
  • SNACK: Grapes

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