On Today’s Menu: Tuesday December 17, 2013

So much for not needing an alarm. Overslept an hour! Seriously? Sheesh! Guess I still really needed sleep. I was a bit worn out as I went to bed last night though. Feels. Uggh.

This was the most abbreviated morning routine I may have ever had. And yet I got out the door thinking I could catch the 7:54 train. Almost did. On top of that, I spared a spider’s life despite rushing to get ready. That was one lucky spider. Like the lucky cricket from Mulan! …yes I have “I’ll Make A Man Out of You” stuck in my head. Shut up.

Fruit on the free table! Breakfast! There was also a giant container of assorted gourmet popcorn. Left it alone. Score! The system was down all day. We had to call Comcast to fix our connection. The guy sat in his van for a while before actually coming inside. That led to a nice little conversation about the pitfalls of monopolies. No hot words were used. I couldn’t answer phones so I helped Megan at the docent desk and in the atrium while groups arrived. It was nice to be on my feet for a change, but WOW! It gets crazy out there! Apparently I have a natural affinity for working the floor. Go girl! These are the moments I realize there’s a lot I can do if I can just be given an opportunity.

Megan brought homemade cheesecake! I can’t turn down homemade goodies! Thank you, 80/20 rule and having some self-control! I didn’t even have a half of a sliver of a slice. I wanted to taste it because it was homemade by my co-worker who is super cool. It was yummy too. Not too sweet either which hopefully means less sugar. Totally worth the instant reaction. Also, Rachel, one of the HMs, got engaged this weekend!! Aaaaaahhhh!! The cute!! It was aptly timed too. The universe is sending me good vibes heading into the new clean year. I can’t wait for January to see my family and friends again!

So about that shopping…I made a grocery list! It’s not totally complete, but that counts for something right? I just wanted to relax. I work hard, man. You’d think it doesn’t take much energy sitting on your butt and answering phone calls or handing out tickets to both kind and disgruntled patrons, but it does! And my days are long. The life of the two part-timers. I got home, heated up Chinese food and watched TV while putting together my grocery list, transferring money from PayPal, talking to my parents about what’s slowly seeming like the inevitable, and just relaxing in bed. Then I ate more Chinese food for dinner while watching Doctor Who. Yup. Back at that. I took some of the seasoning-soaked rice along with the chow-mein for dinner. Why? It was soaked with seasoning. Why really? Probably what’s trying to start a slippery slope after having the cheesecake.

But I won’t let that happen, no sir. Today was another great day. I just hope I don’t get heartburn over that one feeling to bulk up my dinner a bit. Instant reaction once again. Fascinating how the body works.


  • BREAKFAST: 1 1/2 naval oranges
  • SNACK: 1/2 slice of cheesecake
  • LUNCH: Chow-mein, pepper steak, orange chicken
  • DINNER: Chow-mein with rice

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