On Today’s Menu: Friday December 20, 2013

Health isn’t making me sluggish these last few mornings. Certainly not. I’ve been eating really well all week. It seems my body takes the idea of thoughts weighing you down literally. But once I’m out and about I’m fine. Sometimes grown up stuff sucks.

I was thrilled to remember I had slad in the fridge so I had a bowl of spring mix, carrots, and cheese for breakfast. That is a positive way to start the day. Although on hindsigh, when those boyd came to my door yesterday asking to take my garbage out for a dollar, I should have let them. Hmmm…

Funny coincidence: I saw one of the people I was joking with yesterday on the train today. Didn’t say anything. It was a moment. It happened. It passed. We move on. Like theatre. Oh theatre. You’re so good at understanding my life.

I don’t know how or why today ended up feeling chaotic. It was certainly busy. Had a few jerks at the window. Phones chose to ring only when patrons were at the window. I will blame the rice I ate with my pepper steak. It made me feel bloaty and I was craving sugar after that. I thought I could satisfy my sweettooth with fruit grinch-kabobs. On any other day I’m certain it would work. Today though I ate some biscotti cookies while walking to MARTA and nabbed two peanut butter truffles and a fluffernutter reindeer. Oh dear. Sugar, you do me wrong. But Gino was awesome and bought me plain chips. Did I mention my c-workers rock some serious socks?

I got home and took out the garbage (UUUGGGHHHH!! But I changed me mind about letting those youngin’s near my open door. They knocked and ran a few times tonight.) and then I watched Doctor Who and ate the hell out of the crappy chocolate. Yup. I did. It was a spiraling kind of day. I’ll pick up where I left off tomorrow. A good lunch, a good day at work, and some good shopping with Bubble! Oh my gosh oh my gosh, my showcase is coming up!  Yay!

…and I think I stuffed myself to busting again. I’m ready to start again tomorrow. I feel like poo right now, but tomorrow I will feel awesome. Because I said so!


  • BREAKFAST: Spring mix salad with berry dressing
  • LUNCH: Pepper steak with onions, rice
  • SNACK: Strawberry banana grape fruit grinch-kabobs, mini biscotti cookies, fluffernutter cookie reindeer shaped things, peanut trufflesl coconut fudge
  • DINNER: Spaghetti (squash) with mushroom sauce and Parmesan

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