On Today’s Menu: Thursday December 19, 2013

Two years and nine months today. But really who’s counting? n_n

I woke up to the idea of my own school again. This time though, I want to gear it towards home-schools or field trips and small workshop style classes. Maybe I could ask my co-worker if she’ll talk some business with me. It’s not like there aren’t a bunch of open buildings around me on Memorial Drive. What an exiting prospect! Drama classes for mixed age groups! Arts and crafts workshops! Maybe one production for my advanced students! Great googly-moogly! Clearly that coconut fudge gave me a sugar rush–oh wait. No sugar! Suck it! #cleaneating #mysweetsmakemehealthy

At Five Points everyone waiting for the northbound train was entertained by a very cheerful man blessing us with a nice day. He said, “Have a blessed day, be kind to each other, one man; one woman, stop black on black violence, don’t go shooting people!” On repeat. I kind of wanted to shout “I’M A LESBIAN!” But I held my tongue. He did say that if we wanted to go shoot people we should go to Washington or the state capital. I can feel that much. Had a laugh about it with a few passengers until someone called MARTA police on the guy.

Why do 6 hour days suddenly make me so tired and grouchy? I think it could be the monotony of the questions I get. “Do you have tickets this weekend for Rudolph?” “The voice mail/internet said you were sold out. Are you really sold out?” “Are there any tickets? I’m a member. Not even for members?” ::sigh:: It’s that between trying to work on contract calls. So. Annoying. But it certainly passes the time. I know I brought my pepper steak for lunch, but I bought Jimmy John’s today with Katy. It worked out for the best though.I forewent the mayo so my un-wich was better than sugary, soy-filled pepper steak or grainy pizza. There’s today’s victory. A little unsatisfying because not a lot of meat and such, but I appreciate the effort and–


Ahem. Did I mention I try to write my posts in real time and then transfer them to my blog? Yes. I can’t chew gum anymore.

I went shopping!! I broke laziness and shopped so I could be lazy in the future! I used my coupons Kroger sent me for the holidays so I have tons of boneless chicken, frozen veggies, soup, broth, and Applegate brand hotdogs (unfortunately only turkey hot dogs) and some not frozen veggies including spaghetti squash and zucchini so I can make different types of noodles. Yay! The lady stocking the frozen veggies was useless.

“Excuse me, ma’am, your weekly ad says I can get frozen vegetables for 88 cents.”

“That’s with a card.”

“Right. But these say 10/$10. I don’t see anything that says 88 cents. Are these the ones?”

“Hmm…that’s a good question.”

“Is it just a certain size? Like, the small ones say 10/$10.”

“You can do a price check.”

“Okay. Where can I do that?”

“At the register.”

“…oh. Okay. So do I need to get everything I need first, then go up to the cashier? I just don’t want to do that only to find out it’s the wrong vegetables and then hold up the line.”

“Yeah, that would be bad.” ::walks away::

…yeah. That happened.

I made veggies and hot dogs for dinner. One of the bloggers I follow uses this brand so I wanted to try it. I feel confident in this choice. Then I skyped the boyfriend until bed time. While he had some ice cream for a late night snack, I realized I left the grapes and cashews I wanted at Horizon. Boo. Now I have to buy my own. Oh well. I’ve got bigger things on my mind now than food.

Because I went shopping!


  • SNACK: Coconut fudge, potato chips
  • LUNCH: Ham, bacon, and cheese un-wich
  • DINNER: Hot dogs, veggie medley
  • SNACK: Coconut fudge

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