On Today’s Menu: Saturday December 21, 2013

Happy winter solstice! It’s a frigid 68 degrees on this, the first day of winter! Personally I think the lyrics, “…and may all your Christmases by white” is a truly cruel thing to wish upon another human being.

You know what’s a great way to start the day? Losing your keys. I tore the apartment up for 35 minutes looking for those things. Here’s the full sequence that went through my head as I panicked after realizing they weren’t in my coat pockets: I know they’re not in the car because I opened the apartment door when I got home. I also remarked at how the tiger face on my key holder was wearing from use. Okay fine. I immediately took the piling up garbage out. I did NOT lock the door when I dragged all of it to the dumpster. Then I ran, literally ran, back to the door and locked it. Then I went about my day. Oh crap! Did I drop my keys as I ran back? I don’t see them here and I’m sure I would’ve heard them drop. No no no! Did they wind up in the trash?? No, how could they end up in the tightly sealed bags? Maybe they did fall and I didn’t hear them. Oh my god! What if some stranger has the keys to my car AND apartment?? Oh my god!! I can’t lock the door behind me!! Dammit Brenna! Why didn’t you lock the door when you went to the dumpster?? Then you’d know you had them!! Check my pants! I usually stuff them in my pants pockets. Not in my jeans I wore when the boys knocked on the door. Not in my nice pants. I thought I wore nice pants yesterday…THE BLACK PANTS!

And there they were.

Work went by pretty smoothly once I finally got there at 9:30. I got two memberships and finally met Melissa, head honcho birthday party goddess. I didn’t want to stand at the membership table, but it was probably for the best that I was on my feet. I started eating salad for breakfast, didn’t have time to finish, then Carol bought us FOUR PIZZAS for lunch. There was also cheesecake for the December birthdays in the office. And treats from Education. Grok forgive me for I have sinned to my body. Some fudge with nuts, three pieces of pizza, a piece of cheesecake, another piece of fudge with some peanut contamination, a chocolate pastry of some kind, and I snatched a mini red velvet cupcake on the way out.

Man. When I spiral, I spiral baaaaad.

But in the end, I appreciate having such friendly co-workers who share these things with each other and a boss who knows we work hard and gives us gifts for our work. I’m so glad I found Puppetry. My stomach is less glad, but it’ll get over that once I get some self-control back in my life. One of my co-workers remembered I’m gluten free. That was a simple, but really nice feeling. Oh! And the membership pay will be coming in on our first and second paychecks for January! So my January income might be slightly better than I thought! Woo! And almost everyone wore their sweatshirts, but it was too hot for me so I left mine in the car. Maybe tomorrow. Did I mention Lisa, head administrator got us sweatshirts? Yeah buddy!

I went shopping with Bubble right after work. We bought pretty things and I’m so ready to bust out some props and costume pieces! Fabric World is my friend, guys. It’s my new bestie. Dude! I got a whole spool of iridescent disk fringe trim for $3! And a yard of beautiful lace trim for $1! WHAAA–?? Walmart was less productive because they neglect the crafts department. I might go back tomorrow if I have time so I can get the tulle for my veil. We also went to Taco Bell for dinner to get Bubble some food before her event tonight. So it was a productive and fun evening hanging out and buying some important things and chatting about life. I love mature conversations that are randomly interrupted by explosions of “hangry”. Poor girl. It was a day for her.

My evening was spent with the drunk munchies, skyping the boyfriend, rhinestoning my parasol, finishing my bottle can strings, and considering starting my garter. The other things will have to wait for New Years when I can get to Bubble and we can work together on things. Til then…I BASICALLY HAVE EVERYTHING I NEED!! I’M SO EXCITED!! …but oh my belly is unhappy…


  • BREAKFAST: Salad with onions, carrots, and cucumbers
  • SNACK: Fudge
  • LUNCH: 3 pieces of Papa John’s pizza
  • SNACK: Cheesecake, fudge, chocolate pastry, mini red velvet cupcake
  • DINNER: Taco Bell dinner box – burrito, soft taco, nacho stuffed thing



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