NAP Time: How can you remember the troops?

Facebook is good for something. I am bombarded by fantastic information in my News Feed because of the liberty pages I follow. It isn’t remembrance day, but this is relevant everyday there are deaths overseas by drones or people getting shot out of the sky by people in other lands who don’t like being invaded.

Stefan Molyneux says it best. This is the most touching 20 minutes of my life I would give up again and again to hear this man speak so passionately.

Death and decay follow government war, never freedom. It is never for the civilians, it is only for the ones in power to hold tighter to that power. We do not honor people who murder other people. We throw them in cages. Why then do we honor soldiers? Because they have costumes? We are not freer than we were before the wars of the 20th century so your praise that they, “fight for our freedom” is simply false. Perhaps they believe the hype as much as nearly everyone else. They may be killing under false pretenses and will never be the wiser. And maybe some of them relish in this power they are granted by the government.

We should not praise these people to remember them. We should mourn them.


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