On Today’s Menu: Monday December 23, 2013

I like having three hours to kill before work. So much chillaxing and good breakfast prepping and personal care to get done. I watched an epic video by Stefan Molyneux about Remembrance Day…which is the same as Veterans day? Listened while I rhinestoned my parasol. So productive this morning! I ate Amy’s Organic Cream of Tomato Soup with chicken and Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top for breakfast. It was a perfect size to fill a cup and filled me right up! And I don’t have to pay my heating bill this month because my refund kicked in for the six months of on time payment!! Then today tried to mess with me. My APO jacked got left in the rain last night. It fell out of my car when I got home. Boo. But I got to say hi to my neighbors and finally meet the cute yappy puppy. She’s so cute!

But then I ate two cookies (not the Murphy’s cookies, but just regular chocolate chip ones) and a piece of baklava at Horizon. Oh Day Box… And Tess left me in a panic first thing by freezing up. But then it started behaving again and the day went by pretty quickly and smoothly. And I wasn’t totally feeling like staying tonight and it turned out I didn’t have to. I’ll be back tomorrow night and the night of the 26th. Busy bee! And Kate and Rykie got us gift cards to a gourmet ice cream place as a Christmas gift! What?? 😀

Best of all today? Yes, better than ice cream! I’m pretty certain I’ll be adopting some kitty babies!! I was chatting with one of my burlesque ladies who has two that don’t quite fit in with her big animal family. The medical stuff is all taken care of through next November. And I’m feeling confident about my income thanks to Puppetry. So I hope to give these two beauties a home. I think I’ve decided to name them after two video game heroes from one of my favorite games ever: The Legend of Dragoon. Rose and Shana. Or maybe Meru and Shana. I’d do Meru and Rose, but one of the kitties doesn’t fit Meru’s or Rose’s personality. But that’s neither here nor there. As my mom said, “Cats don’t come when you call them anyway.”

AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! KITTIES!!!!!!!!!

So I didn’t eat the best yet again, but I got home and had an awesome salad topped with the left over chicken shreds. It’s interesting to recognize the satisfaction of having exactly what your tongue is craving. It was a delicious salad! Then I got back to rehearsing and writing and some laundry and the other pass-the-time activities. …oh dear, I still need to get some wine for Christmas dinner or at least bake something or buy something. I don’t want to be THAT guy that gets invited out of the goodness of someone else’s heart and not bring something in thanks. Marguerite also invited me over if I didn’t have anywhere to be for the holidays. :3 Have I mentioned that I love my jobs and my co-workers? Because I do.


  • BREAKFAST: Tomato soup with chicken and Parmesan cheese
  • SNACK: Two chocolate chip cookies, baklava, baggie of potato chips
  • DINNER: Salad with chicken
  • SNACK: Coconut fudge

That coconut fudge was a dangerous creation. It’s become my go-to bored food.


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