On Today’s Menu: Sunday December 22, 2013

I’m actually rather ashamed of myself today. Yes, stress has a huge effect on how I eat. That time of month has strong ties when it’s relevant too. But I can’t help but think I could really slip so much in seriously a single day. It makes me sad which turns on my emotional eating switch and the nasty cycle continues.

The first thing I did this morning was edit my blog. I just felt like using my extra three hours this morning to finally make the changes and focus the content to make it “marketable”. Really I just want to have a proper space to share my thoughts on whatever the hot topic in my brain is at the time. Now I have that space. Welcome to the Diary of an Ordinary! That title is subject to change as the need suits me. 🙂

Work was weird. Everything felt both sluggish and hyper. The patrons were fine enough, I just felt out of it. Mistakes here and there. Snapped at by a veteran board member even though it wasn’t my fault she was running behind. Honestly, I’m sorry, but why is it suddenly our fault in the ticket office that you’re not getting your ideal seats or you’re not getting into the theatre fast enough when you don’t arrive in a timely manner or you decide to bring extra people to a sold out show? My patience for crap was literally negative numbers today. And as such, I ate more cheesecake, more fudge, and another peanut truffle. Uggggh.

It was exactly the same at Horizon and I had a feeling it would be. Just that gut feeling. Got a group that copped an attitude with me because someone else took their order that included a wheelchair and didn’t make a note of it. So when poor LaWanda can’t accommodate all 7 in the front row, we get the heat for it. It’s just not right, ladies and gentlemen. Please be empathetic to the grunt workers who truly want to get you in to have the best experience we can give you at our theatre. Mistakes happen. We know it sucks and we want to help as best as we can. If you’re nice to us, we can usually compensate you somehow. But no one wants to help grinches.

All of that led to eating a rooster cookie, two of the little crappy cherry cookies upstairs and one of the little pastry-ish thingies and some slices of cheese. I was a freaking vacuum today! Not cool! I seriously just don’t want to do anything anymore. I need one day to just do absolutely nothing. Maybe some dishes and laundry, but nothing besides that. Certainly nothing outside of my four walls. But I won’t get that til…oh dear. I don’t even know. I’m going out Christmas day. I’m going out New Years day. I think I’m working every day between those. So not until the Saturday after New Years? Whoa. December, I underestimated you.

I got home, sewed my costume garter on a compulsion, and listened to my grunge and alternative rock Pandora station while it understood my feelings perfectly. Oh god yes. Grunge, you get my life! I have so many feelings! Tell me what I’m feeling!!


  • SNACK: Coconut fudge
  • LUNCH: Chicken with veggie medley
  • SNACK: Cheesecake, peanut truffle, fudge, 2 mini red velvet cupcakes
  • SNACK: Rooster cookie, cherry cookies, mini pastry, cheese, grapes

God. Damn. Vacuum.

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