On Today’s Menu: Saturday December 28, 2013

The most important things to note about Friday:

1. Leaving the pizza at Horizon worked to make me bring a healthy lunch to Puppetry. I still ate poorly.

2. I ate three cookies that were unsellable at Horizon and I thought I might pass out, my heart was racing so badly. So. Lesson learned?

No. Not yet. But almost.

I must be tired right down to the cellular level because getting out of bed is simply the worst these day. I also don’t doubt that now it really is the food I’m eating. I think last week I mentioned having trouble getting out of bed, but that was emotional stress or lack of sleep fatigue. But I managed to roll myself out of bed and get to work early actually. I had to stop for gas first. Filled my baby up with $35. Not too bad.

I was at the membership table so it wasn’t such a bad day for me. Being on my feet is good. But I did eat 1 1/2 muffins –homemade!– that Megan brought in from Christmas. Delicious! And I had an apple for breakfast from the free table. Sometimes that thing produces gems. But my day turned a bit sour when I heard we got duped by a patron at the window. Seriously? It’s that important to get inside of a puppet show that you’re going to teach your kids to cheat and steal and show up to events unprepared and feel entitled to service? You are not a good person, whoever you are. You have a pit where your soul should be. And at Christmas time no less. I’ll bet you go to church every Sunday bright and early. Have a nice day, cretin.

I discovered that having a puppet with you at the membership table draws the kids which draws the parents. They still probably won’t buy a membership that day, but hopefully it gets them thinking about it. I had a goose puppet that was lent to me from the museum store just for kicks. A little girl named the puppet Lizzy. She was the sweetest little girl and I’m so glad that ticket office could find room to get her and her family into Rudolph today! That feeling was not destroyed by the cretin. And Katy got a little red and green pipe cleaner heart from another little girl who we actually couldn’t get into the show. I hope beautiful things come to that girl and her family. The world isn’t all bad.

Best part of today? I got to go right home after work! And stay there! Y’know what that means? I got to clean the house for a big surprise tomorrow AND I got to cook! I gathered all of the fresh veggies I had left that hadn’t turned. I sauteed broccoli, zucchini, and carrots in my big pan. I also cooked the thawed chicken (four pieces of boneless thighs and seven pieces of bone-in thighs) and made two awesome recipes, one brand new! The boneless chicken became herb roasted chicken. Dill seems to bring out the chicken-y flavor in chicken while also making me think I’m eating fish. Yes, I’m a foodie. The second recipe is pumpkin chicken thighs. I didn’t get to taste the chicken with it, but I tasted the pumpkin sauce. DELICIOUS! With a little kick! That’ll be lunch tomorrow!

I already feel more in control now that I have a stock of food to grab and go. I think I should cook more on my next day off later next week. After NYE, Horizon won’t start up again til the 17th and my days are a bit more spaced out at Puppetry now that the holidays are passing. There will be more time to cook and shop. I need to organize what to get from the farmer’s market and what to get from Kroger. I want to be money-conscious, but also health conscious. My brother says zucchini is on the BUY-THIS-ORGANIC list. I need to save because I want to get the grass-fed beef from the market and just three pounds will be $24. Oh dear oh dear. The things I do for Grok health.

I feel better already though. Lesson learned? We’ll see. Also I got fun drunk texts from the boyfriend while he and our school friend were at a wrestling event. Boys will be boys. I miss those boys terribly.


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