On Today’s Menu: Thursday December 26, 2013

For whatever reason, I seriously did not want to get up today. I couldn’t roll myself out of bed until ten to seven. That meant no breakfast and no packed lunch. My body said, “Brenna, I give no f***s what you feed me. Just f***ing feed me!” My brain said, “. . .just keep it cheap.”

Pizza it is! I do like DaVinci’s. . . .but I’m clearly becoming much too lax. Thank goodness for 80/20. I’m not shooting for it, but I won’t fall below it. I hope. . .

Work was a bit stressful. Turns out the holiday crazies come out even after Christmas. That didn’t help matters, but I really just needed cheap and fast food. I messed up a membership that should’ve been a gift. The only reason it matters is taxes. Thaaaaaanks, gubment. I had more last minute hopefuls and more–uh–poorly informed walk ups. It just wasn’t one of the better days today, and I’m quite ready to see the holidays end so life can get back to normal.

Speaking of holidays, I’m still unsure of what I’ll be doing NYE however I do have options at this point which is much more fun. I didn’t want to have to stay home really, but that is also an option from which to choose and it is valid. If I stay home I might Skype my friend. Because the boyfriend has plans. Booooo! 😛

So I’ve had my Nano story on my mind a lot lately. I fell in love with this little girl who has so much to learn and teach others. She’s a perfectly imperfect human and she’s awesome and I never want her story to end. I think I want to break it up into short stories. I want to give each lesson a little more depth because they’re important to know. Muse! Sing in me muse!

Horizon was a breeze other than indulging again and being the only usher. That is not a task to handle alone. Personally, I think I earned the sugar cookie and brownie. At least that’s what I’ll tell myself. I left my pizza in the office fridge. Maybe that’s the universe compensating. That is also what I’ll tell myself.

I gave myself another hour after I got home to nibble the brownie to death, scroll through Facebook to reaffirm that Georgia was a good idea, and text the boyfriend. Sometimes there’s just a certain “voice” you need to hear to help you sleep soundly.


  • LUNCH: Pizza (2 slices) and french fries
  • SNACK: Lindor chocolate truffle (from Brittany for sharing french fries with the belated birthday girl! Sharing is caring!)
  • DINNER: Pizza (2 slices)
  • SNACK: 1 1/2 sugar cookies, peppermint brownie

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